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Q: Is 4 tenths a greater amount than 42 hundredths?
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Is three tenths greater than three one hundredths?

Yes three tenths is greater than three hundredths

Is tenths greater than hundredths?

It depends on how many you have. One tenth is greater than one hundredth, but fifty hundredths is greater than two tenths.

What is greater forty-hundredths or six tenths?

Six tenths is greater than forty one-hundredths. You can simplify forty one-hundredths to four tenths.

Is 2 tenths and 4 hundredths greater than 4 tenths and 2 hundredths?

no it is not because two tenths anf four hundredths is like 24 and four tenths and two hundredths is like 42 so 42 is greater than 24

Is four tenths greater than five hundredths?

is four tenths greater than 5 hundredts

Why is 25.9 greater than 25.72?

25.9 is the same thing as 25.90.So 25.9 is the same as 25 90/100 (25 & 90 hundredths).90 hundredths are greater than 72 hundredths (in 25.72) and so it is a greater amount.0.9 means 9 tenths (90 hundredths) & 0.72 means 7.2 tenths (72 hundredths).

What is greater six tenths or six hundredths?

Six tenths is 6/10, or .6. Six hundredths is 6/100, or .06. Six tenths is greater than six hundredths by 0.54.

What is greater 5 tenths or 25 hundredths?

5 tenths is greater than 25 hundreths.

Is 5 hundredths greater than 5 tenths?


Why is 4 tenths and 2 hundredths greater than 2 tenths and 4 hundredths explain?

because four tenths is two times larger than two tenths

Which is greater 45 hundredths or 6 tenths?

6 tenths is larger than 45 hundredths. (0.6 to 0.45, respectively.)

Is tenths greater than hundredths as used in decimals?