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4ft 8in is less than 1yd 2ft 1in or 56 inches is less than 61 inches

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Q: Is 4ft 8in less or grader than 1yd 2ft 1in?
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Related questions

Is 1yd less than or greater than to 4f?

less than (1 yd - 3ft is less than 4ft)

How would one convert 36 yd to centimeters (2.54 cm1 in)?

36 yd x 36in/1yd x 2.54cm/1in

Is 1yd greater than 3.5 ft?

1 yd = 3.0 ft. That's less than 3.5 ft.

Is 3ft 11in less than 1yd 1ft?

a yard is 36 inches, right? 3 feet is 36 inches? No 3ft 11in is not less that 1 yd 1ft.

Is 3 ft 11 in greater than 1yd 1ft?

No because 1yd and 1ft = 4 feet

Is feet greater than or less than yards?

3ft = 1yd 1ft = (1/3)yd A foot is one third of a yard, therefore it is less than a yard in length. its less than... just think of a football field

Is 7 yrds and 1foot greater than or less than 25 feet?

1yd = 3ft 7yd = 21ft 21+1<25

Is 27 ft cubed greater than or lesser than 1yd cubed?


How much is 7 yards and 1 foot?

if you mean how much is it in metric then this is the solution: 1in = 2.54cm 1ft = 12in 1yd = 3 ft 12in x 2.54cm = 30.48 = 1ft 3(30.48cm) = 1yd 1yd = 91.44cm 91.44cm x 7 yd = 640.08 cm 640.08cm + 30.48 or 1ft = 670.56 7yds 1 ft= 670.56 cm or 6.7056 m

What is bigger 1yd 9 in. Or 44 in.?

1yd 9in

Which is greater 1m or 1yd?

1 meter

Is 20 feet greater than 20 yards?

3ft equals 1yd so yars is larger

Is yards bigger than ft?

yes there are 3ft in 1yd Depends what the weathers like

How many square feet will one yard of mulch cover if spread three inches deep?

I presume 1 yard of mulch means 1 cu yard of mulch 1yd = 3ft 1 cu yard = 1yd x 1yd x 1yd = 3ft x 3ft x 3ft = 27 cu ft. 12 in = 1ft 1in = 1/12 ft 3in = 3/12 ft = 1/4 ft volume = area x depth => area = volume / depth = 27 cu ft / (1/4 ft) = 108 sq ft.

Which is greater 1yd or 4ft?

4ft would be larger than 1 yard. 1 yard = 3 ft.

How many yd are in 720 ft?

1yd = 3ft 720ft x 1yd/3ft = 240yd

How many yards are in 43 inches?

1yd = 36in 43in x 1yd/36in = 1.2yd

3 feet equal how many yard?

1yd.=3ft. 12in.=1ft. 3ft.=1yd. math is easy i rock

How long is an 18 foot counter top on a scale drawing with the scale 1 in equals 3 yd?

Convert feet to yards. Then convert yards to inches based on the scale. 3 ft = 1 yd 1 in = 3 yd 18ft x 1yd/3ft = 6 yards 6yd x 1in/3yd = 2 inches

How many cu ft in 1 cu yd?

1 yd = 3 ft (1yd x 1yd x 1yd) = 1 yd3 = (3ft x 3ft x 3ft) = 27 ft3

Simplify 1 yard 7 feet 12 inches.?

1yd 7ft 12in = 1yd 8ft = 3yds 2ft = 11ft = 132in

How many inches 1yd?


Is 3ft the same as 1yd?


4 yd 2ft plus 1yd 3ft equals?

4 yd 2ft plus 1yd 3ft would be equals to 5 yd 5 ft.

Is 1yd 36 in?

No, it's 3 centimeters.