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No, it is not. A perfect square is the product of two equal integers; i.e. 9 is a perfect square. It can be expressed as 3*3. There is no number that when multiplied twice equals 50.

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Q: Is 50 a perfect square explain?
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Why is 50 a perfect square?

50 is a not perfect square.

Is 1000 a perfect square explain?

1,000 is a not perfect square.

Is 50 a perfect squre?

No, 50 is not a perfect square.

Is 50 perfect square?

No, it is not.

Is 50 a perfect square?


What is the perfect square factors for 50 times 90?

The perfect square factor of 50 is 25 and the perfect square factor for 90 is 9. The perfect square factors for 50x90 25x9. Of course we also have the other factors of 2 and 2x5.

Is 22 a perfect square. Explain your answer?

No it is not. 22 is not a perfect square because it is not a product of a rational number multiplied by itself. The closest perfect square would be 25

What are perfect square between 50 and 150?

It is 100 that is a perfect square between 50 and 150

What is the product of square number 2500?

2500 is a perfect square number, it can be written as 50*50.

Does 50 have a perfect square root as a factor?

I suppose you mean a perfect square. The answer is 25.

Does a number have to be composite to be a perfect square?

Yes, except for the number 1, which is a perfect square but not composite.

What are the perfect square factors of 50?

1 and 25.

The number of perfect square numbers between 50 and 1000 are?

There are 24 perfect squares between 50 and 1000.

Why is 50 not a perfect square?

A perfect square has the condition that it must be any positive integer multiplied by itself. The closest perfect squares to 50 are 7*7 = 72 = 49 and 8*8 = 82 = 64 since 50 lies between 49 and 64, it must be it is not the square of a positive integer and, therefore, is not a perfect square.

How many perfect square are there between 50 and 250?


What is a perfect square 18 81 50 32?

It is: 81

Is the square root of 50 irrational or rational and is it a perfect square?

The square root of 50 is an irrational number because it can't be expressed as a fraction.

Explain why 14 is not a perfect square?

There is no integer, x, such that x*x = 14

Can a perfect square be a prime number Explain?

No. A prime number is always odd.

Is 50 a perfect square and why?

No it is not, because there are no integers that give a value of 50 when raised to the second power.

What is the sum of all perfect square numbers from 1 to 50?


How many positive square numbers less than 50?

positive square numbers less than 50 are 7 these are : 1,4,9,16,25,36,49.These are less than 50.

How many square even number are there less than 50?

There are three perfect squares between 0 and 50 that are even.

Is 200 a perfect square?

200 is not a perfect square. Its square root is a fraction and the square root of a perfect square is always an integer.

Is 325 a perfect square?

No, 325 is not a perfect square however 324 is a perfect square.