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Yes, except for the number 1, which is a perfect square but not composite.

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are composite number perfect numbers yes or no explain.

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Q: Does a number have to be composite to be a perfect square?
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What is special about the number sixty four?

It is the smallest composite number that is both a perfect square and a perfect cube.

What kind of a number is 81?

81 is; Natural number, Perfect-square number, Perfect 4th root number, Perfect totient number, Odd Number, Composite Number, etc.

Is the square root of any composite numbers rational?

Yes, of some; the square root of any perfect square is rational - for example, the square root of 4, of 9, of 16, etc.On the other hand, if your "composite number" is not a perfect square, then its square root is irrational.

What is it called when a number has a whole number square root?

Then the number is called a "perfect square".Then the number is called a "perfect square".Then the number is called a "perfect square".Then the number is called a "perfect square".

What is the sum of the fifth prime number the sixth composite number and the third perfect square?

11 + 12 + 9 = 32

Is the number 327 square and or composite?

327 is composite but not a square.

Is 25 a prime composite or square number?

composite and square

Are the only factors of a perfect square are the square itself its square root and 1?

No, consider the number 4 or 16 or 36 for example

Is 56 composite or square number?

56 is composite number.

Is 51 a prime or a composite or square number?

It is composite.

Can a number be both a composite number and a square?

Yes.... look at the number 20. It's a composite and it does have a square root.

How do you check if a number is a perfect square?

For a number to be a perfect square, the number's square root has to be a whole number. 9 is a perfect square because its square root is a whole number, 3. If the square root of the number is a decimal, then it is not a perfect square. For example, 13 does not divide evenly so it not a perfect square.

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