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5 decimeters is smaller because it equals 50 centimeters

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Q: Is 5 decimeters bigger or smaller than 52 centimeters?
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Related questions

Are decimeters bigger or smaller than centimeters?

decimeters are the equivalent of 10 centimeters

Is 62 centimeters bigger than 7 decimeters?


Is 536 cm bigger than 53.6 dm?

yes because centimeters is bigger than decimeters

Is meters smaller than a decimeter?

meters is totally not smaller than decimeters . of course you may be confused with the word meters , but meters are much bigger than decimeters

Is 4.5 decimeters bigger than 5 centimeters?

Yes. 4.5dm = 45cm

Are kilometers smaller than centimeters?

No, Kilometers are bigger than Centimeters.

Are centimeters bigger than inches?

Centimeters are smaller than inches.One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters.

What is greater 563 centimeters or 53.6 decimeters?

563 centimetres is bigger than 53.6 decimetres.

Is centimeters bigger than decimeters?

A centimeter and a decimeter are both a unit used to measure. A centimeter is often located on a ruler. Yes a centimeter is smaller than a decimeter. One decimeter is 10 centimeters. One centimeter is .1 decimeter.

Are centimeters bigger or smaller than millimeters?

centimeters are bigger. Every centimeter contains 10 millimeters.

Is 9 decimeters greater than 86 centimeters?

9 decimeters is 90 centimeters, so yes, it is greater than 86 centimeters.

Why is 5 decimeters longer than 52 centimeters?

It's not. 5 decimeters = 50 centimeters Therefore 5 decimeters is less than 52 centimeters

Is 7 decimeters longer than 62 centimeters?

7 decimeters = 70 centimeters70 centimeters > 62 7 decimeters is longer than 62 centimeters.

Is 4 meters bigger or smaller than 450 centimeters?

It is smaller because 4 meters equals 400 centimeters

Is a kilometer bigger or smaller than a centimeter?

bigger, way bigger 1 kilometer=100,000 centimeters

Are centimeters less than decimeters?

Yes , there are 10 centimeters in 1 decimeter and 10 decimeters in one meter.

Is centimeters greater than decimeters?


Is 3 decimeters greater than less than or equal to 30 centimeters?

Equal. Because 1 decimiter=10 centimeters. So 3 decimeters are 30 centimeters.

How many meters equal 1 decimeters?

A decimeter is equal to 10 centimeters, meaning meter is bigger than decimeter and it's impossible for more than 1/10 of a meter to be bigger than a decimeter, now if you are wondering how many decimeters are in a meter it's 10

Is decimeter bigger or smaller than centimeter?

1 decimeter is 10 centimeters.

Is 3 decimeters greater less than or equal to 30 centimeters?

Equal. Because 1 decimiter=10 centimeters. So 3 decimeters are 30 centimeters.

What is bigger meter or decimeters?

Meter is bigger than decimeter. 1 meter = 10 decimeters

Is dm smaller than m?

Yes, decimeters are smaller than meters.

Is miles bigger than decimeters?

Yes! Many times bigger. It takes 16,093.4 decimeters to equal one mile.

Is 62 centimeters greater than 7 decimeters?

No. There are 10 centimeters in each decimeter.