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It is greater than 1 over 6

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Q: Is 5 over six greater than or less than 1 over 6?
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Is the sum of nine over twelve and one over six greater or less than one?

The sum of nine or twelve and one over six is 11 over twelve, which is LESS THAN one.

Is three fifths greater Or less than or equal to six sevenths?

three fifths is less than six sevenths

Is six over nine greater than four over six?

They are equal

Is six seventh and six eighth greater or less or equal?

6/7 is greater than 6/8.

Is 3 over 6 greater than or less than 1 over 2?

It is equal because one over two is a half and three is half of six so that is a half to

Is five over eight greater than four over six?


Is six eights greater than or less than six sevenths?

6/8 is is less than 6/7. Therefore, 6/7 is the larger fraction.

How many odd number are greater than 6 but less than 19?

Six of them.

What shape has less than six sides with anges greater than 90?


How many odd numbers are greater than 6 less than 19?


What symbols are used for over and under?

< over > under

How many odd numbers are greater than 6 but less than19?


What fraction is greater three over four or seven over eight?

Convert them to the same denominator and the answer to your question will be immediately apparent (assuming you know that six is less than seven).

Is 36.7 greater than or less than 3.67?

36.7 (thirty six and seven tenths) is greater than 3.67 (three and sixty seven hundredths).

Is six quarts greater than or less than ten pints?

6 quarts is 12 pints

Is 1.6 greater than 2?

No, 1.6 is one and six tenths, so it is less than 2.

Is 7.6 greater or less than 7.56?

greater seven and sixty hundredths is greater than seven and fifty-six hundredths

Is 7 out of ten greater than 5 out of six or less than?

it is less than 5 out of ten because 7 out of ten = 70% and 5 out of 6 = 83%

Is 2 and four fifths lesser than 2 six fifths?

2 and four fifths is less than three, 2 and six fifths is greater than 3.

Why is six eighth greater than five eighth but less than seven eighth?

Because six of anything is greater than five of the same thing and less than seven of them. Here you're talking about eighths, but it's equally true of songs, stars, or cows.

If three eight greater than three six?

three six is greater than three eight

What is the difference between positive three and positive six?

First of all six is greater than three. Six is three more than three and three is three less than six. Six is positive and three is negative. Three is prime (i think) and six isn't.

If you divide my numerator by my denominator the quotient is greater than 3 but less than 4. My denominator is the least number that is divisible by 2 and 3. My numerator is a multiple of 7?

Twenty-one over six.

Is 6.166 greater than or less than 6.616?

.1 means one tenth .6 means six tenths six tenths is greater than one tenth so 6.166 is smaller than 6.616

What fraction is greater than six and one third?

Twenty six and one third is greater.