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much smaller

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Q: Is 6.0 x 10 to the negative 12 bigger or smaller than 0.0016666667?
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Is nEGATIVE one sixth bigger than or smaller than negative five sixth?


Is a positive number bigger or smaller than a negative number?

It is bigger

Is negative four thirds less than negative negative one third?

yes, the smaller the negative number the bigger it actually is

Is a negative integer bigger then a positive integer?

no, all negative numbers are smaller than positive numbers

Is 1.0 bigger or smaller than 0.1?

1.0 is bigger than 0.1.

Is a negative number bigger than a normal number?

No it is smaller than 0

Is a positive impact bigger or smaller than a negative impact?

depends on the impact

Is negative 8 greater than 8?

No, because a negative is never bigger than a positive number. So -8 is smaller than +8.

Are fractions bigger than negative numbers?

You can have negative fractions so it depends. it depends if you have a negative fraction you could have -1/2 but 1/2 is bigger than -1/2. negative numbers will always be smaller than positive numbers.

Is negative 14 greater than negative 24?

Yes it is greater. When counting in negative number or using them in math, the smaller the negative number, the bigger it is

Is -300 bigger than -50?


What is one third minus one half?

-1/6 since the number is smaller than what is being subtracted the answer will be negative to get it you simply subtract the smaller number from the bigger and add the negative sign

Is 0.036 bigger than 0.054?

No. 0.036 is smaller than 0.054.Only -0.036 (negative) is bigger than -0.054

Is negative 3 greater than negative 1?

No, It is less. Look at this: -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 smaller................bigger The larger the negative number, the smaller it gets, because it is getting more negative.

Which has the greater number -8 or 5?

any positive number is larger than a negative. a bigger negative number like -1000 is smaller than -500, which is smaller than 0, think about it like a number line.

How much bigger is -118 than -214?

-118 is bigger than -214 by 96. It is because on negative number line a smaller number is bigger than the bigger one.

Is a 0 integer larger or smaller than -50?


Is a globe bigger or smaller than earth?

Globe is smaller than earth.

Is negative 3 greater than negative 4?

Yes it is yes because the integer -3 is closer to 0 than -4 the bigger the negative, the smaller the number.

Is 12 mm bigger or smaller than 1 cm?


Are negative numbers bigger than positive numbers?

no negative numbers are always smaller than positive numbers..... you can draw out a numberline and see any number to the left of the number zero is negative and to the right is positive

Is negative 3 bigger than 0?

Any NEGATIVE number is SMALLER then 0, or less in value(-1,-2,-3...) BUT COUNTING numbers are GREATER than 0 (1,2,3...)

Is 5 yards bigger or smaller than 175 inches?

5 yards is smaller than 175 inches.

Negative plus a positive is?

It depends. If the positive is bigger, than it will be positive (-5+10=5 is the same as 10-5=5). If it is smaller than the negative, it will be negative (-10+5=-5 is the same as 5-10)

Why is 1 larger than -94?