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6 is an larger number if it is dealing with math....

other than that no numbers is larger than 10...

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Q: Is 6 a larger number or a small number?
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Which is a larger number than the other -6 or 4?

4 is larger.

Do larger animals have larger cells than small animals?

No they don't but they do have a larger number of cells, of course.

The sum of two numbers is 3 times their difference If the larger number is 6 more than the smaller number what is the larger number?

ya i will solve this question by taking assumptions if we observe the question easily identified the larger number is greater than smaller number by 6 and one thing is the sum of two numbers is 3 times their difference from this information we clearly says sum is divided by 3 so if we take smaller number 1 larger number 7(add 6) (1+6)=3(5) and now smaller number 2 larger number 8 (2+8)=3(6) : : : take smaller number 6 larger number 12 this is the correct answer 6+12=3(6)

Is the opposite of a number always less than the number?

No, the opposite of -6 would be 6, which is larger.

Which is the larger 0.5 or 0.67?

0.5 larger the number the smallest its worth and 0.67 is in the hundredths which is small

Which is the larger 0.4 or 0.45?

0.4 the larger the number the smallest its worth and 0.45 is in the hundredths which is small

If you Compare 45 and 0.55 which will be larger?

The largest number is 45, which is a whole number. The decimal 0.55 is only a small part of a whole number.

One number is 5 times as large as another and the sum of the numbers is 240 find the numbers?

The sum of the numbers is 240. If one number is 5 times as big as the other then 240 must be divided by 6. 240/6 = 40. The smaller number must be this while the larger number is 5 times the size. Small number = 40 Larger number = 40 * 5 = 200

What number is 100 times larger than 6?


Which number becomes larger when turned upside down?


What number is 7 times larger than 6?


The sum of two numbers is 18 The larger number is twice the smaller number What are they?

Smaller number = x Larger number = 2x x+2x=18. 3x=18 x=6 The numbers are 6 and 12.

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