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no, but 6 to 94 would be.

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Q: Is 6 parts vinegar to 100 parts water equal to 6 percent by volume?
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Can you make 15 volume developer using 30 volume and 40 volume?

NO. If you mix them in equal parts, that would give you 35 volume. To get 15 volume, mix equal parts of 10 and 20 volume.

What is the percentage of vinegar to use in window cleaning?

You need one part vinegar to four equal parts water.

Why might the volume of one object differ from the sum of the volumes of its parts and the volume of another object equal the sum of the volumes of its parts?

the volume of its parts would be equal to the amount off butts an object gives off

Can 10 percent acidity vinegar be converted to 5 percent?

If you have vinegar with less acidity than 5 percent, then yes. For instance, if you somehow had 0 percent vinegar, mixing the two half-and-half would give you 5 percent. If you have 2.5 percent, mixing 1 part 2.5 percent with 2 parts 10 percent will give you 5 percent.

What is 7 percent volume of air in parts per million?


What is 25 percent out of 100 equal parts?

25 percent out of 100 is 0.25 * 100 = 25.

What does 40 vol developer plus 30 volume developer msake?

Equal parts of 30 volume + 40 volume developers= 35 Volume Developer.

Haw many ppm in 30 percent?

by "ppm" I assume you mean "parts per million". 30 percent means 30 per 100, and 1,000,000 (a million) divided by 100 is equal to 10,000. This is the ration between ppm and percent. 30x10,000 is equal to 300,000, so 30 percent is equal to 300,000 ppm

What two volumes of developer can you mix to make 10 volume developer?

Equal parts of 5 volume developer + 15 volume will yield approximately 10 volume.

Can you make 20 volume out of 40 volume?

The only way to make a 20 volume would be to mix equal parts of 30 and 10 volumes.

What is the best substitute for apple cider vinegar when cooking?

The best substitute will depend upon its use in the recipe and the flavor desired. Basically, you can substitute any other vinegar in its place in equal parts. Common substitutions are: White wine vinegar Red wine vinegar Combination of white and red wine vinegar 3 parts white wine vinegar and 1 part apple juice.

What would happen if you mixed 20 and 30 volume creme developer?

If you mix them in equal parts, you now have 25 volume developer.

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