Is 700 k bigger than 700 KB?

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700 k is the same thing as 700 kb...its just a slang use for it.

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Q: Is 700 k bigger than 700 KB?
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Is K bigger than KB?

Yes, K is bigger then KB in computer wise and other.

Is 322 MB bigger than 700 k?

322 mb = 322 x 1000000 = 322000000 700 k = 700 x 1000 = 700000 322 mb is greater than 700 k

How many KB is 700 k?

Sometimes "k" and "kb" are used interchangeably i.e they both mean the same thing.

Is a MB smaller than a KB?

No, because m comes after k in the alphabet and therefore is bigger.

How much more is 750 KB than 700 k?

"750 kb" means 750 kilobytes (or 768,000 bytes). This is a measure of file size or storage capacity. "700 k" could mean anything, as it is very general ("k" typically means kilo, or thousand). It could be a shortened "700 kbps," for 700 kilobits per second (700 thousand bits per second) which is a measure of data transfer rate. Another possibility is that it is a shortened 700 Kb, or 700 kilobytes. Without the context of the original use it is hard to say what it originally meant.

What is bigger KB or K?

They are both the same, short for kilobytes.

What is bigger k or KB?

k = kilo = thousand kb = kilobyte = 1 thousand bytes. You question does not make sense because "k" represents a number.

Is a KB larger or smaller than a MB?

The K in KB stands for kilo = thousand, while the m in MB stands for mega, million. So MB is bigger.

Is 35KB larger than 700k?

no K or Kb is same i.e kilobyte 1024 bytes= 1 kb 350kb is less than 750 k or kb

Is MB bigger or k bigger?

A megabyte(mb) = 1024 kilobytes(kb) so it's 1024 times bigger.

Is 1200K more than 840KB when comparing pictures files?

Yes. K and KB are both shorthand for kilo bytes. 1200 is indeed bigger than 840

How many KB are in a k?

KB and k are the same thing.

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