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sq rt of 81 is 9

sq rt of 100 is 10

sq rt of 83 is between 9 and 10 and thus is not an integer/ counting number

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Q: Is 83 square root a counting number?
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What is the square root of 6889?

The square root of 6,889 is ± 83

The square root of 6889?

The square root of 6,889 is 83.

Is the square root of 83 an integer?


Which is the best estimate of the square root of 83?

9 is the best estimate whole number

Is the square of 83 a real number?

Well first off not specific enough. If you mean 83 squared then yes it is 6889. If you meant the square root of 83 then then still yes but it is 9.110433579.

Is the square root of 83 rational?

No, it is irrational.

Square root of 83 in simplest form?


What is the side length in meters of a square that has an area of 83 square meters?

About 9.11 meters. It is obtained by taking the square root of 83.

What is the square root 83 rounded to the nearest tenth?


What is the square root of 4559871?

My TI-83 says 2135.385...

The square root of 16x plus 80 then -1?

the answer is 83

What is the square root of 83 rounded to the nearest 10th?

It is: 9.1

What is the square root of 83?


The square root of 83 lies between what number?

Between which two consecutive whole numbers does \sqrt{83} 83 โ€‹ lie? Fill out the sentence below to justify your answer and use your mouse to drag \sqrt{83} 83 โ€‹ to an approximately correct location on the number line.

What is 10 less than 93?

The square root of 6,889, which is 83.

What is the perimeter if The area of a square sandbox is 83sqft?

4 times the square root of 83 feet

Is 83 A square number?

No. The nearest square numbers are 92 and 102.

Which number is closest to the cube root of -83?

The cube root of -83 is -4.36207 (rounded). The number that is closest to this figure on that list that you have but refuse to share is the correct choice.

Which is a square number 64 72 83 91?

64 is the square of 8.

How many countries is herbalife in?

83 and counting!

What is a square root of six billion?

The answer is approximately 77,459.666924148. I got the answer with a TI-83 plus graphing calculator.

Which number is not between 0.5 and 3 upon 5 on a number line?

83 is not.83 is not.83 is not.83 is not.

What is the value after 215 in base 6 if counting by ones?


Three consective primes are summed when the sum is squared the result is 72361 what is the largest of the three primes?

The square root of 72,361 is 269. That means each number is about 90. Guessing that the numbers are 83, 89, and 97: 83 + 89 + 97 = 269, which verifies this. So the largest is 97.

Is 83 a prime number?

83 is a prime number