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In some fonts, yes; in other fonts, no.

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Q: Is A symmetrical?
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Why does a square look the same when you flip it?

Because it is symmetrical.Because it is symmetrical.Because it is symmetrical.Because it is symmetrical.

Are insects symmetrical?

no insects are not symmetrical

Are socks symmetrical?

No. Socks are not symmetrical.

Is a trapezoid symmetrical?

No but an isosceles trapezoid is symmetrical.

Is the letter M symmetrical?

Yes, it is symmetrical

Is H2O symmetrical?

Yes, a molecule of H2O is symmetrical.

Is a pentagon symmetrical?

Pentagons can be symmetrical, but are not always so.

Is an ant symmetrical?

Nothing in nature is ever symmetrical

Is a backwards c symmetrical?

It's horizontally symmetrical.

Why is the stomach not symmetrical?

The space it occupies isn't symmetrical.

What are digits which are symmetrical?

3 and 8 are symmetrical numbers!

Is an octagon shape symmetrical?

yes it is a symmetrical shape

Is the White House symmetrical?

No the white house is not symmetrical

Is a light bulb symmetrical?

Most light bulbs are symmetrical because it is easier to manufacture symmetrical objects, and because the light from a symmetrical bulb is emitted in a symmetrical pattern. However, light bulbs do not have to be symmetrical and some non-symmetrical bulbs are made for special purposes. Generally, it is only symmetrical across only one axis. If you divide from globe to base in the direct center, the other half should be the same.

How do you use symmetrical in a sentence?

All the sides of a triangle is symmetrical.

Is h a symmetrical letter?

No but capital H is a symmetrical letter

Is a circle a symmetrical?

yes, it is the most symmetrical shape.

Is an isosceles trapezoid symmetrical?

Yes, an isosceles trapezoid is symmetrical.

What type of symmetry means not symmetrical?

Asymmetry is when a shape is not symmetrical.

Why are you not symmetrical?

People are not symmetrical because they are not the same on both sides.

Is the letter j a symmetrical letter?

no the letter j is not symmetrical

The mean of a symmetrical distribution is 40What is its median?

for symmetrical distributions your mean equals the median. that is one of the properties of the symmetrical distribution.

Can you have sentence using the word symmetrical?

Unlike humans starfish has different symmetrical shape. It is just like a star.

How many symmetrical lines does a circle have?

a circle has an infinite amount of symmetrical lines. everywhere you put a line through a circle, it will be symmetrical.

Are ladybug spots symmetrical?

No the spots on a ladybug are not symmetrical how ever there could be a ladybug that has symmetrical spots but that's usually a rare site.