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no,factorization is the reverse process of multiplication

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Q: Is Division is the reverse of multiplication?
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What is the reverse multiplication?

Division is the opposite of multiplication.

The reverse of division is?


Multiplication is the reverse operation of?


The reverse of multiplication is?


How do you use reverse division?

Ah, multiplication?

When you find a quotient you use multiplication to help what is that called?

reverse division

What is the defionition of inverse?

It is the reverse of the action Ex. Addition is the inverse of subtration multiplication is the inverse of division

How are the rules for multiplication and division integers the same?

They are not the same!The set of integers is closed under multiplication but not under division.Multiplication is commutative, division is not.Multiplication is associative, division is not.

Why is it important to know the reverse process of multiplication?

To cross-check that a multiplication is correct as for example if 7*8 = 56 then the reverse process of division must be correct as 56/7 = 8 or 56/8 = 7

How is multiplication is related by division?

Multiplication is the inverse operation to division.

Definition of Inverse property of addition?

* *It is the reverse of the actionEx.Addition is the inverse of subtrationmultiplication is the inverse of division

What is the relationship between multiplication and division?

Division is the inverse operation to multiplication (except by 0). Multiplication by a number is equivalent to division by its reciprocal.

Is multiplication before division in order of operations?

"Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, and Addition and Subtraction." Therefore multiplication and division are equal.

How do you Relate Division to Multiplication?

Division is the inverse operation to multiplication. Division by a number (other than zero) is the same as multiplication by its reciprocal.

Why addition and multiplication are easier than subtraction and division in computer?

Well, actually, division is just multiplication in reverse. Take 21 divided by 3 for example, and 7 times 3 is 21, so 7 is the answer for division. Try some new numbers and you'll get it! I've mastered division, so will you.

What conclusions can you make about relation of division and multiplication?

Division is the inverse operation to multiplication.

What is divisible by 1234 and 6?

think of "reverse operations"...1234 times 6 would equal a # that is divisible by 1234 and 6, due to that multiplication is the reverse operation of division. or 7404

If a division answer is a quotient then what is a multiplication answer?

The result of multiplication is the "product", regardless of what the result of division is called.

How do multiplication and division undo each other?

how does multiplication and division undo each other

Does division and multiplication involve negatives?

Not by necessity, but multiplication and division aredefined for negative numbers.

What is another name for multiplication or division?

Multiplication is finding the product Division is finding the quotient

How do you use division to solve a multiplication equation?

How do you use division to solve a multiplication equation?Answer this question…

Multiplication is the opposite or what of a division problem and gt?

Multiplication is the inverse operation of division when the latter is defined.

How is subtraction like division?

It's basically the same concept. Like subtraction is the opposite of addition, and division is the opposite of multiplication. Just the reverse. Kind of hard to explain.... ask your teacher!

Opposite to multiplication?

Is this asking for what the opposite of multiplication is? Division..?

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