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Q: Is EMT called by it inside diameter or outside diameter?
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What is the diameter size of EMT conduit?

EMT is electrical metallic tubing. In the electrical trade there are nominal sizes expressed as a standard size. To answer your question you must state the conduit size in either electrical terms or in standard size terms to get a conversion size.For example standard size 1/2" EMT has an actual diameter size of 3/4" and the 1/2"EMT connector for the 1/2" EMT conduit needs a 7/8" hole.Likewise with 3/4" EMT the actual outside diameter is 15/16" and the 3/4" EMT connector needs a 1-1/8" hole.

An EMT who has advanced training specific areas of advanced life support is called?

Depends on which state you are in. Michigan has several levels. An EMT with advanced airway and IV skills is called a Specialist. An EMT with advanced airway, IV, cardiology and pharmocology is called a Paramedic.

What is the function of Electrician's pliers?

To strip electrical wires and to twist mutliple wires together.

What does the root EMT mean?

EMT is not a root.

When an EMT basic turns his patient over to hospital personal its is called?

Transfer of care

How do you become an EMT Paramedic after certification of EMT-basic?

It depends from state to state, but most requires you to work a full year as an EMT Basic before you can become an EMT Paramedic. You need to take the EMT Paramedic training and certification.

Where can I find emt jobs that are available for hire?

To find a job on emt, you should go to this site It will be easier for you if you already have an EMT certification and you can have a good work.

What is the purpose of an EMT training course?

EMT training courses prepare an individal to pass EMT accreditation exams in order to work as an EMT Basic or EMT Paramedic. Both provide emergency medical care to the injured or ill in a number of settings.

What are the Ranks in the EMS?

cfr - first responder emt b - basic emt cc - critical care emt p - paramedic

What are the disadvantages of an EMT?

disadvantage? In reference to...? EMT is basic life support. Paramedic is advanced life support. Without the equipment, the paramedic is no better than an EMT. As a matter of fact, a doctor without is no better than an EMT either. EMT is good training to have when all else is gone, no hospital, no equipment, EMT training is vital.

What does a regular emt job pay?

EMT job pays $38,000

What is the difference between an emt and an emt b?

EMT, or Emergency Medical Technician, is the blanket term. There are several levels of EMTs. The nationally accepted levels are as follows: EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate (85), EMT-Basic Advanced, EMT-Intermediate (99), EMT-Paramedic. You often hear about "Paramedics" as though everyone on an ambulance is a Paramedic, but in reality, EMT-Bs are the most common responders. EMT's will respond out of a station or a fire department, and they typically cover a much smaller area. EMT-Paramedics might respond to more rural areas from farther away, depending on the local and financial availability of Paramedics within an area.