Is HOCl linear

Updated: 11/4/2022
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upon looking at it, this molecule is bent

if you draw out the diagram for it, you can see that the central atom has 4 domains, 2 bonding and 2 nonbonding(lone pairs)pairs.

when getting the molecular shape, we ignore the 2 lone pairs, and going from tetrahedral -->removing 2 domains
we are left with a bent shape molecule

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Q: Is HOCl linear
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Is HOCl a weak base?

HOCL is a weak acid with chemical name Hypochlorous Acid. It is also called Hydrogen hypochlorite or Chlorine hydroxide or hypochloric acid. UltraPure HOCL

What is the angle of HOCl?

a= 102,45º

Which acid is stronger HOCl or HOBr?

chlorine is high electronegative then bromine so it attracts the shared electrons powerfully so ' O-H ' bond in HOCl is weaker as compare to HOBr, therefore HOCl easily donate the H+ ion in water and it is stronger acid than HOBr.

What is the bond agle of HOCl?

The bond angle in HOCl (HClO) is approximately 104.5 degrees, similar to that of water (H2O), due to its bent or V-shaped molecular geometry.

H2O plus Cl2 equals?

Cl2 + H2O = HOCl + HCl

Consider the reaction hocl aq plus H2O l ocl-aq plus h3o plus aq if kb equals 2.9 x 10-7 for ocl-what is ka for hocl?

3.4 * 10^-8

What chemical is added to water in swimming pools to keep it clean?

HOCL or hypochlorus acid

What happens when moist blue litmus paper dipped in chlorine?

If test chlorine with a moist blue litmus paper, Turn from blue à red à colourless It is because chlorine reacts with water (moisture on paper) to from HOCl (hypochlorite acid) which is a bleaching agent, turning the dye to colourless Cl2 (aq) + H2O (l) à Hcl (aq) + HOCl (aq) and HOCl à HCl + [O]

How do you balance kbr plus ch2cl2 plus hcl plus hocl?

KBr + Ch2Cl2 + HCl + HOCl you can only balance something if it reacts and produces something else. right now your chemical reaction doesnt form anything. it needs products for the reactants to be balances.

Is HOCl acidic?

HOCl is a weak acid that is formed when chlorine (a gas) dissolves in water. It is used as an active ingredient in sanitizers and disinfectants because of its ability to break apart cell membranes, similar to the mechanism of action of sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or hydrogen peroxide.

Is chlorine an acid or an alkiline?

Chlorine Cl2 is acidic in nature because it forms a mixture of HCl and HOCl in water.

What is the chemical formula of hyphoplorous acid?

The chemical formula of hyphoplorous acid is HOCl.