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A linear objective function and linear constraints.

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Q: What are the components of linear programming?
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What are the components of linear programming models?

The objective function and the constraints.

What do you understand by linear programming problem?

1. What do you understand by Linear Programming Problem? What are the requirements of Linear Programming Problem? What are the basic assumptions of Linear Programming Problem?

Define linear programming?

necessity of linear programming on organization.

What is the significance of duality theory of linear programming Describe the general rules for writing the dual of a linear programming problem?

the significance of duality theory of linear programming

What are the essential characteristics of linear programming problem?

essential attributes of linear programming models and its uses

What is the difference between linear and integer programming?

Integer programming is a method of mathematical programming that restricts some or all of the variables to integers. A subset of Integer programming is Linear programming. This is a form of mathematical programming which seeks to find the best outcome in such a way that the requirements are linear relationships.

What has the author Toshinori Munakata written?

Toshinori Munakata has written: 'Matrices and linear programming with applications' -- subject(s): Linear programming, Matrices 'Solutions manual for Matrices and linear programming'

What are the scope of linear programming?

Linear programming can be used to solve problems requiring the optimisation (maximum or minimum) of a linear objective function when the variables are subject to a linear constraints.

What has the author Howard Karloff written?

Howard Karloff has written: 'Linear programming' -- subject(s): Linear programming

Distinguish between integer programming problem and linear programming problem?

Integer programming is a subset of linear programming where the feasible region is reduced to only the integer values that lie within it.

What is linear programming used for?

Linear Programming is used for determining a way to find the best solution or outcome for a given mathematical model represented as a linear relationship.

Case study?

linear programming

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