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Yes (Reading, Riting and Rithmetic!)

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Q: Is Reading Writingand Arithmetic the three r's?
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Who were the Three Rs?

Three school subjects that have letter R in - not always beginning with R - namely Reading wRiting aRithmetic

What are 'the 3 Rs?

In education the three Rs are reading, writing, arithmetic.

What reprsents three Rs?

They represent reading, writing and arithmetic in education.

What represents three Rs?

In the UK, "Reading, writing and arithmetic" is stated as being the three 'Rs' essential for a good education.

What are examples of the 3 rs?

They are: reading, writing and arithmetic

What were the three Rs taught in European public schools?

Reading, writing, and arithmetic have always been called the 3Rs. In colonial America through the early 1900s, most boys only had a 3R education.

Does reduce-reuse-recycle represent three Rs?

Such a slogan is a good one to encourage reducing the waste going into landfill. But, it could also mean: In the UK, "Reading, writing and arithmetic" is often stated as being the three 'Rs' essential for a good education.

What is one of the 3Rs?

Using just three examples:In education, reading, writing and arithmetic are considered to be the three Rs.On the subject of sustainability, reduce, reuse, recycle.In animal research and welfare, the three Rs are, replacement, reduction, refinement.

What represents the three Rs?

Reading, Writing, Arithmatic

What are the 3 competences?

Reading, writing, and arithmetic. That's the old "three Rs". I'm not sure if arithmetic is still relevant, given that people use calculators for the tiny amount of arithmetic that people do. There's "the trivium", grammar, logic, and rhetoric. I'm not sure exactly what the questioner was after; it might be something used in home schooling literature, given that it is in the home schooling category.

How were rich Victorian children educated?

they got teached the 3 Rs- reading,writing and arithmetic

What the three rs?

I believe it to be Reading, w-Riting and a-Rithmetic. They could also be Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.