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A billion is 1000 million in the United States.

In the UK it is a million million.

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In the UK since the middle 1960s, a million has officially been a thousand million - not a million million.

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Q: Is a billion a 1000 million or a million million?
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Related questions

How many billion in a trillion dollars?

1000 thousands = 1 million 1000 million = 1 billion 1000 billion = 1 trillion This is what I assume to be correct. But then again does it really matter how many billion are there in a trillion.

1.8 billion is equal to how many million?

1 billion = 1000 million so 1.8 billion = 1.8*1000 = 1800 million. Simple!

How do you convert 3.2 billion in million?

1 billion = 1000 million. So 3.2 billion = 1000*.2 = 3200 million. Simple!

How do you we convert 101 million to billion?

1000 million = 1 billion so 101 million = 101/1000 = 0.101 billion. Simple!

When your government talks about a billion is it 1000 million or 100 million?

1 billion = 1 million x 1000

What is another name for 1000 million?

In the US scale, it is a billion. (1000 million = billion, 1000 billion = trillion)In the "long scale" used in European countries, it takes a million million to equal a billion, and the name for 1000 million is a milliard. Similarly, a million billion is a trillion, while 1000 billion is a billiard. (no relation to the table game.)

What is 7.4 billion plus 1000 million?

1000 million is one billion, so 7.4+1=8.4 billion.

How much billion in a million?

Billion and Million relation is as follows: 1 Billion = 1000 Million It means 1 Million = 1/1000 Billion

What Is 1000 million plus 50 million?

Under the US short scale, 1000 million is a billion, so the sum would be 1 billion, 50 million (1.05 billion).

How many million makes a billion?

1000 million is 1 billion.

Billion is how much million?

A billion is a thousand million. 1000 x 1000000 = 1,000,000,000

Does 1000 million equal 1 billion?

Yes 100 Million = 1 Billion.

How many million are there in 0.1 billion?

1 billion = 1000 million so 0.1 billion = 100 million

60 million means how many BILLIONS?

1000 million = 1 billion so 60 million = 60/1000 = 0.06 billion.

Does 100 million is equal to 1 billion?

1000 thousand's is one million 1000 millions is one billion one million million is one trillion

How do you convert from billion to million?

multiply billion by 1000 to get million for example 10 billion = 10000 million

10 million is equal to how many billions?

1000 million = 1 billion so 10 million = 10/1000 = 0.01 billion. Simple!

How to calculate how many thousands in one billion?

It all depends on how you define one billion. In the USA, a billion is obtained by multiplying a million by 1000. In Europe, a billion is obtained by multiplying a million by another million. So, in the USA the system is as follows: 1000 = one thousand. 1000 x 1000 = 1,000,000 = one million. it might not be the biological answer but it is proved as an answer for the history of answers,

Is 10 million same as 1 billion?

No, 1000 million would be a billion.

Is 854 million equal to 0.854 billion?

Assuming one billion is equal to 1000 millions, 854 million is equal to 854/1000 = 0.854 billion.

How many million is billion?

1000 Million

What is 1000 million in billions or trillions?

1000 million equals 1 billion 1,000,000,000 1000 billion equals 1 trillion 1,000,000,000,000

How many million equals billion?

1000 thousand equals 1 million 1000 million equals 1 billion 1000 billion equals 1 trillion See the pattern?

1000 times what will equal one billion?

1000 times 1 million equals one billion.

Is it a thousand million or a billion?

it is a billion followed by a trillion (1000 billion)