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One hundred million dollars ($100,000,000) is the value of one billion dimes.

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100 million

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100,000 million dollars.

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Q: What is the value of one billion dimes?
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How many dimes are in a billion dollars?

10 billion dimes.

How many dimes would make up one billon?

It takes ten billion times to make one billion dollars.

Are all 1970 dimes in a proof set?

No. The US Mint produced over one billion Roosevelt Dimes for circulation in 1970.

How many dimes do you need to get a billion pennies?

You need 100,000,000 dimes.

Is there one billion dimes in a million dollars?

A billion is 1000 million in the United States. In the UK it is a million million. * * * * * In the UK since the middle 1960s, a million has officially been a thousand million - not a million million.

How many dimes were made in 2012?

According to the US mint, 1.676 billion dimes were made in 2012.

What is the value of 2001 dimes with letter p on them?

Please check your pocket change. The Philadelphia mint produced about 1.37 BILLION dimes in 2001 so they're not scarce, rare, or valuable (other than 10 cents, of course).

What is the value of a 1999 US dime?

Please check your pocket change. Over 3.5 BILLION dimes were minted in 1999 so they're not rare and not scarce. If you found it in change it has no extra value. A nice uncirculated one might retail for a dollar or so.

What are the silver price for three 1945 dimes and one quarter 1930?

The silver melt value of the dimes are about $2 each and the quarter melt value is about $5.45 so the scrap melt value would be about $11.45.

How many dollars is a billion dimes?

100 million dollars.

What is the value of one pound of US Dimes?

One dime weighs 2.268 grams, and there are 453.592 grams in one pound. Rounding up, that makes 200 dimes in a pound, which is $20.

What is the value of nine dimes?

9 dimes are worth 90 cents.