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Should be fine as long as you remember to wash

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Q: Is a bowel movement that is 3 inches round and 5 to 6 inches long okay?
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Worlds biggest bowel movement?

I had one that was 16 inches long

Is it normal to have a 24 inch long bowel movement?

no not to me

How long can an adult go without have a bowel movement?

How long is a piece of string?

Is it normal to have 8 to 10 bowel movements a day for adults?

I think the more bowel movements a day the better you will feel, as long as the bowel movement isn't diarrhea.

Is John Wayne's neck 18 inches long?

maybe 18 inches round....18 inches long he would be a girrafe

How long after food poisoning will it take to have a normal bowel movement?

2 to 3 days after have food poisoning.

What does passed tissue look like in a bowel movement?

Tissue in bowel movements looks sometimes opaque, white or gray. It can also look long and kind of stringy.

What is the best way to get mentally prepared for a long poop?

If you believe that you are going to have a bowel movement that may be longer then normal, you may have to get mentally prepared. This may been focusing on breathing during the bowel movement, and concentrating on an object in the room.

How long is a 30 round Thompson box magazine?

A 30-round Thompson box magazine is typically around 10.5 inches long.

Do men have the same bowel as women?

Yes, men and women have the same bowel, or colon. The large intestine, or colon, for anyone is about five feet long and three inches around.

Do babies go to the bathroom in your tummy?

Babies do not need to defecate (pass bowel movement) in the womb. The waste goes through the cord to the mother's bloodstream and to the kidneys. The first bowel movement occurs after birth unless the pregnancy goes on too long.

How long can a cat go with out a bowel movement?

Less than 24 hours. Fur balls can delay bowel movements as can other blockages so its best to consult a Vet if your pet has a problem.