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Yes, as it has length and width, which just happen to be equal.

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Q: Is a circle a two dimensional figure?
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What is a good sentence for circle?

A circle is a two-dimensional figure.

What is the volumn of a circle?

A circle is a two dimensional plane figure and does not have a volume.

Why is a circle the odd one out between a circle a cylinder and cone?

A circle is a two-dimensional figure, where the cylinder and cone are three-dimensional.

Is a circle a two dimensoinal figure?

A circle is 2dimensional while a sphere is 3 dimensional.

Is a circle two dimensional?

A circle is two dimensional.

Why is the circle a two dimensional figure?

A circle is two dimensional because the two dimensions are width and length. 3 dimensional would be width, length and depth but since you can just write it on paper, it has no depth.

What is the definition of two dimensional?

A figure that has length and width but not height (ie, a plane figure such as rectangle or circle)

A polyhedron is a two-dimensional figure bounded by polygons?

A polyhedron is a three-dimensional figure formed by flat surfaces that are bounded by polygons joining along their sides (the faces of the polyhedron).A circle is not a polygon, but we can say that a circle is the limit of a regular polygon with n sides. It means that if n becomes larger and larger, the polygon shape approaches to a circle. A circle is a two dimensional figure as a polygon is, but a three dimensional figure whose base(s) is/are a circle cannot be called a polyhedron.

Is the circle a two dimensional figure?

Yes, the circle is a 2D object. All of its points only have X and Y coordinates.

What figure is Two Dimensional but yet not a polygon?

A circle is one example of a plane figure that is not a polygon. A V is also not a polygon.

What is the name of a 2 dimensional figure?

a 2d shape A two dimensional figure can also be called a plane figure since it can be drawn in the two dimensional plane. Some examples include the triangle, the square, the circle, the pentagon, the hexagon, the parallelogram, the rhombus, etc.

What two dimensional figure is the base of a cone?

A circle could be, and I think that an ellipse also could be.

Is a sphere a perfect circle?

no, it is sphere is not a perfect circle. because sphere is 3dimensional figure and circle is 2 dimensional figure

How can you use the word two dimensional figure in a sentence?

A square is a two-dimensional figure.

Is a quadrilateral a three dimensional figure?

no it is a 4 dimensional figure not a 3 dimensional figure * * * * * No. A quadrilateral is a two dimensional figure. It has a length and a breadth and no more.

Is a circle the evelation of a sphere?

No. A circle is two dimensional. A sphere is three dimensional.

What is the distance around a two-dimensional closed figure?

The distance around a 2 dimensional closed figure is its perimeter.

What is a two dimensional figure?

A two dimensional figure does not have volume or depth such as flat surfaced polygons.

How do you find volum of a circle?

You cannot find the volume of a circle; it is a 2-dimensional figure.

What two dimensional figure can you fold to form a three dimensional figure?


What is a figure made of trianglesquadrilateralsand other two dimensional figure?

It can be any 2-dimensional figure.

What is a two-dimensional pattern that you can fold to form a three-dimensional figure?

A net is a two-dimensional pattern that you can fold to form a three-dimensional figure.

What spatial figure that is a 2 dimensional figure and its edges are constant away from the center?

A circle.

How to calculate the Volume of semi circle?

A semi-circle is a two dimensional figure so it can have area but NOT volume. To find the area of a semi-circle see the question below.

Which do not belong cube circle pyramid sphere?

Circle is the odd-one-out - all the other shapes are 3-dimensional, while a circle is a 2-dimensional figure.