Is a concave polygon regular

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No! Regular polygons must have equal side lengths and equal angles.

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Q: Is a concave polygon regular
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A square is an example of a quadrilateral that is both a regular concave polygon and a regular convex polygon?

No. There can be no regular concave polygon.

Is a concave polygon a regular polygon?

no because it is curved I think and polygons cannot be curved.

Can a concave qudrilateral be a regular polygon?


Is a concave shape a regular polygon?


Can a concave figure be a regular polygon?


Can a concave quadrilateral be a regular polygon?


What are the similarities between regular polygon and a concave polygon?

A regular polygon is a special kind of convex polygon - one in which all the sides are of the same length and all the angles are equal. Convex and concave polygons form disjoint sets: so no concave polygon can be regular.

How do you draw a regular concave polygon?

it is impossible

Can a concave polygon be a regular polygon?

No, regular polygons are always convex and are shapes constructed using straight lines. concave polygons are irregular.

What is the difference between a concave polygon and a convex polygon?

Any polygon that has an angle that is > 180º is a concave polygon. A convex polygon does not. e.g. All regular polygons are convex.

A regular polygon can be concave or convex?

FALSE my friends

For a given number of side there exist both a regular concave polygon and a regular convex polygon?

A concave polygon cannot be regular because regularity requires all angles (and sides)to be of equal measure. Even if you drop the requirement of regularity, there cannot be a concave triangle.

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