Is a decimal irrational

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Sometimes, it depends on if it can be written as a ratio, if it can be a ratio, then it is rational.

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Q: Is a decimal irrational
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Related questions

How do you tell if a number is irrational?

If it is a terminating or recurring decimal then it is not irrational. If it is an infinite, non-recurring decimal, it is irrational.

A decimal number is an irrational number?

A decimal number can be rational or irrational.

How can you tell if a decimal is an irrational number?

When a decimal can't be expressed as a fraction then it is an irrational number.

Is pi a recurring decimal a terminating decimal or an irrational number?

Pi is an irrational number

What are the difference between decimal in rational and decimal in irrational?

A decimal rational number can be expressed as a fraction A decimal irrational number can not be expressed as a fraction

What is a nonrepeating nonterminating decimal rational or irrational?

They are irrational.

Can an irrational number be expressed as a terminating decimal?

No, irrational numbers can't be expressed as a terminating decimal.

What is the decimal expansion of an irrational no. is?

It is the decimal approximation to the value of the irrational number.

What does non-terminating irrational decimal mean?

All irrational numbers have decimal representations which are non-terminating.

What type of decimal is an irrational number?

An irrational number has a decimal representation that is non-terminating and non-repeating.

What kind of decimal numbers are irrational number?

Decimal numbers that can't be expressed as fractions are irrational numbers

Is The decimal form of an irrational number is a repeated decimal?

No it is not.