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No. The diagonal through a rectangle can be computed via the Pythagorean theorem:

c2 = a2 + b2

where c is the diagonal length and a and b are the horizontal and vertical lengths of the rectangle.

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Q: Is a diagonal line through a rectangle equal to the vertical and horizontal sides?
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Horizontal : y = 0Vertical: x = -2.

What are the equations for the horizontal and vertical lines through (2 0)?

Horizontal : y = 0Vertical: x = 2.

What numbers one through ten have lines of symmetry?

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15 cm Solved through Pythagoras' theorem.

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Draw a rectangle made with three squares. Then put a diagonal line through the center one. Tah-Dah

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To trisect a rectangle first draw the two diagonals (lines going from the top left corner, to the bottom right and top right to bottom left.) Where those two diagonals intersect is the center of the rectangle. Next, draw a line through the center of the rectangle that is parallel to the top and bottom of the rectangle. this should divide the rectangle into two halves. Next draw the diagonal for the top half of the rectangle (A line from the top left corner, to the middle of the right side.) Where this diagonal intersects with the diagonal of the diagonal of the entire rectangle is 1/3 the length. Repeat the previous step for the bottom half of the rectangle. The line connecting the top intersection, and the bottom intersection is the trisection line.

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Can you Find the length of the diagonal of a rectangle whose dimensions are fifteenm by sixm Approximate to the nearest hundredth?

I can and will. So if you put the diagonal through a rectangle you create a right angled triangle of which you can use pythagoras theorem. x2 = 152 + 62 x2= 261 x = 16.16m

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