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Sometimes. Any face can be defined as a base of a prism; but pyramids may have one face that is a base and not a triangle.

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Q: Is a face also a base on a 3D figure?
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What is the face of a 3D figure?

Any shape you like.

Which 3D figure have 1 base and triangles for faces?

A pyramid.

What is a 3d Shape?

3D is a term used to describe space figures. They occupy space and have volume. A 3D shape is also called solid figure , solid shape , space figure and 3D figure.

Are faces the same as sides in geometry?

only a 3D figure has a face so no

What does area of base means in math?

It means the base in a 3D figure. For example, if it was a pyramid. the bottom part would be the base and you get the area of that base

How do you find the base of a figure?

You find the base of a figure depending on if it's 2D or 3D 2D- Get a measuring device and find the length of the base. 3D- Easiest way is to split it into parts. For example, you have a pentagon-shaped base, i would split it into 5 and find the base for 1 part and multiply it by 5.

3d figure with a polygonal base in 1 plane and an additional vertex not in that plane?


What shapes have at least one right angle face in 3d?

sqaure base pyramid

What is a 3D figure made of all triangles?

A triangular base pyramid would fit the description.

When two faces of a three dimensional figure share a side they form this?

Since a face of a 3d figure is the same as a side, you have two faces sharing a face! The result is lots of coincident faces!

Does a 3d figure have a diameter?

Sometimes because a sphere which is a 3d figure has a diameter

What 3D figure has 3 triangles?

A triangular pyramid. It has triangles on its 3 sides and a triangle on the bottom for a base.

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