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A triangular pyramid. It has triangles on its 3 sides and a triangle on the bottom for a base.

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Q: What 3D figure has 3 triangles?
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Which 3D figure have 1 base and triangles for faces?

A pyramid.

What 3D shape has a square and 3 triangles?

There can be no closed 3D shape with only one square and 3 triangles.

What is a 3d figure with all faces exept one are triangles?

a pyramid

What is a 3D figure made of all triangles?

A triangular base pyramid would fit the description.

Which figure will contain 33 total triangles if figure 1 has 3 triangles and figure 2 has 5 triangles?

The simplest pattern is 2n+1, so the 16th figure will have 33 triangles. Of course, if you are creating new triangles and also keeping the old triangles, this would be different.

What 3D shape has two triangles and 3 squares?

A triangular prism

Why circle is not a 3 dimentional figure?

A circle is not a 3D figure because it only has two dimensions. A sphere is a 3D "circle".

What 3D figure has eight triangles?

An octagonal pyramid has eight triangles on an octagonal base. An octahedron can also be made by putting a square pyramid on another inverted square pyramid. This shape has just eight triangles and no others.

What 3d figure havs 6 vertices two bases and 3 other faces and nine edges and at least 2 of my faces are triangles and I have 2 bases?

This would be a triangular prism.

What is the 3d shape with 2 triangles and 3 parallelograms and its not a triangular prism?

Triangular prism

What solid figure would two equilateral triangles and three rectangles?

A net has two equilateral triangles and 3 rectangles. What solid figure might it make?

What is a 3 dimensional figure that is made up of 4 triangles?

a star

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