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Q: Is a five eights socket the same as a three eights socket?
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Which is larger five eights or three quaters?

Three quarters (3/4) is the same as 6/8 (by multiplying the top and bottom by 2). The is more than five eights (5/8).

What is bigger one forth or three eights?

Three eights. Just convert one fourth to the same denominator which equals two eights.

Is three eights and three fourths the same?

i need the answer!

How is five eighths greater than three eighth?

Since they're the same, you don't need to think about the "eights" bit. So you're left with five being bigger than three.

How many eights is the same as three quarters?


Which one is greater seven eights or five sixth?

theyre the same. -.-

What fraction equal to three fourths that has the same denominator as three eights?


Is five eights the same as ten sixteenths?

Yes: 5/8 = 10/16

What one is bigger three eights or point thirty eight?

same thing brah

How many eights is the same as one and one eights?


How do you play SOS on the violin?

three fast, three slow, three fast. all the same note. ... _ _ _ ... or, three eighth notes, three quarters then tee eights again.

Is two eights the same as what?

Two eights are the same as one quarter (1/4, 0.25 or 25%)

Is one eighths bigger than five eights?

No. At the denominators are the same (both 8), compare the numerators(1 < 5).

How many eights are the same as there as three sixths?

Four eighths ( 4/8 ) is the same amount as three sixths ( 3/6 ). Both of them are the same amount as one half ( 1/2 ).

How many eights are the same as 3 sixths?

Three sixths is a half, which would be the same as four eighths

What is 1 quarter added to 1 eighth?


What three fourths minus three eights equal?

3 eighths. three fourths is the same as six eighths, so subtract your 3/8 and you have 3/8 left

Tres Componentes Que Se ajusten al Mismo Tipo de socket?

Three component conforming to the same type of socket

Do all Intel Pentium 4 processors use the same socket?

No. The Intel Pentium 4 line was produced for three sockets. The shortlived Socket 423, Socket 478, and LGA 775 (sometimes called Socket T).

What are fractions equivalent to five eights?

Multiply the numerator (top) by any non-zero number and the denominator (bottom) by the same number. You will have an equivalent fraction.

Is four eights greater than one half?

four Eights is exactly the same as one half.

What fraction is equivalent to three eights?

To get an equivalent fraction, multiply both numbers by the same number. For example, multiplying by 2, you get 6/16.

Which is bigger nine twenty-fourths or three eights?

They are of the same value because 9/24 = 3/8 in its lowest terms

Is three fifths the same as 3.5?

No. Three fifths is three out of five parts. 3.5 is three and a half

Three components tht must conform to the same socket type?

CPU,motherboard,sink heat