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No, Infinity is never ending, where as a googolplex is a fixed number.

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Q: Is a googolplex larger than infinity?
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Which number is larger than googolplex?

There is only one place above it, that is Googolplexplex or googolduplex. It contains a googolplex of zero's. Greater than googolplexplex is only infinity.

Is infinity bigger than a googolplex?


What is larger a googleplex or infinity?

"Googolplex" is a definite number. "Infinity" is bigger than any definite number, so it's bigger than a googolplex. No number is bigger than infinity. The only we can add to that is a suggestion that you learn how to spell "googolplex".

Is infinity a higher number than a Googolplex?

No infinity is smaller than googolplexian

Is there more than googolplex?

Yes there is, you can add a number to it or multiply it by a number more than one for example, and there is also the number infinity which is obviously larger. :)

Is googolplex higher than infinity?

Mathematically = No. Googolplex is a number, and you can do all the mathematical operations with it. For example: (2 googolplex) plus (2 googolplex) = 4 googolplex. Infinity is more than any number you can write, and you can't do any mathematical operations with it. Example: (Infinity) divided by (3,000) = still infinity. Another example (I can't resist this): (Infinity) divided by (googolplex) = still infinity. But in our physical universe, nothing is infinite! Here's an example. If you were to fill the universe (its entire volume) with particles and with no empty spaces, it would take about 10^80 particles. Therefore you wouldn't even have enough space in the universe to write the number googolplex!

What is bigger infinity or googolplex?

Infinity is bigger.

Is infinity bigger than Google?

Yes infinity is bigger than Google infinity used where we can not measure things, but in Google we can measure.

Is the number Millinillion larger than Googleplex?

No, the number millinillion is not larger than Googolplex.

What number is larger than a zillion?

googolplex, and it is not a real number

What is bigger centillion or googolplex?

Googolplex is a larger number because -llion is smaller than g-

Is infinity larger than Gogol?

Yes, except that infinity is not a number.

Is Google more than infinity?

No, google is not a numberThe correct term is Googolplex which like infinity is a pure mathematical concept and not a real number like a million or a billion.

What number is larger than infinity?

None. Infinity never ends, so nothing can be larger than it.

What is confinitrinity?

Confinitrinity = larger than infinity.

What is bigger infinity or Google plex?

Googolplex* and I'm hesitant to give your impressionable mind the wrong information, but infinity is not necessarily larger because infinity is a concept, not a number. Infinity istrying to count all the numbers between 0 and 1... where do you start? A number can always be made smaller by

Is there anything larger than infinity?

Infinity is the most logical way to say forever.

Are there numbers bigger than infiniti?

Because infinity is not a number, this question is incorrect. You may think of infinity as something that has no bounds and gets larger and larger.

Is there a number larger than googolplex?

Yes. One googolplex and one. No, though people may say infinity is the largest number because it goes on forever but infinity is NOT a number. Googolplex is the biggest known number which can be measured as = 10^(10^100) or 10^10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Thinking of this another way, consider printing the digits of a googolplex in unreadable, one-point font. One-point font is 0.35145989 mm per digit, so it would take about 3.5 × 1096 meters to write a googolplex in one-point font. The observable universe is estimated to be 8.80 × 1026 meters, or 93 billion light-years in diameter so the distance required to write the necessary zeroes is longer than the estimated universe, so it would not be possible, let alone physically possible to write this number.

Is the UNSC Infinity larger than UNSC Pillar of Autumn?

The Infinity is the largest UNSC craft ever built.

What is the next number after infinity?

Infinity is an undefined term that in reality will never be met, therefore there is no number larger than it. ex) infinity plus one is still equal to infinity

Word for large numbers?

This is a LARGE subject, but in brief. Infinity is a number beyond counting. A Googol is a large number, 10100 and a Googolplex is 10Googol . Both numbers are probably larger than the number of electrons in the universe, so are of philosophic interest only. There are various orders of infinity. For example there is an infinite quantity of integer numbers, but between each successive integer you can insert an infinity of fractional numbers. And so on.

What is larger than any number and goes on forever and ever?

Infinity goes on forever and ever, and no matter how large a number you compare it to, your number will still be infinitely far away from infinity. To quote Caral Saga, "A googolplex [a huge number] is precisely as far from infinity as is the number one." However, there are, in fact, different levels of infinity. Conceptually, you can represent this by comparing a one-dimensional infinity on a number line with a two-dimensional infinity on a plane. A precise and complete answer to the cardinality of infinite sets can get pretty headdy. Check out for some interesting information.

Is google bigger than infinity?

While google is a huge multi-billion dollar company, it is significantly larger than infinity because infinity is merely a subsidiary of Nissan and is baked at a mere 42.8 billion dollars yearly, while google's parent company (alphabet) is valued at over $1 trillion dollars.

Is there a number bigger than a googol?

googolplex googol = 1100 googolplex = 1googol