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No googolplex is a number however infinity is not it is a word or a symbol

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Q: Is infinity bigger than a googolplex?
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What is bigger infinity or googolplex?

Infinity is bigger.

What is larger a googleplex or infinity?

"Googolplex" is a definite number. "Infinity" is bigger than any definite number, so it's bigger than a googolplex. No number is bigger than infinity. The only we can add to that is a suggestion that you learn how to spell "googolplex".

Is infinity bigger than Google?

Yes infinity is bigger than Google infinity used where we can not measure things, but in Google we can measure.

Is a googolplex larger than infinity?

No, Infinity is never ending, where as a googolplex is a fixed number.

Is infinity a higher number than a Googolplex?

No infinity is smaller than googolplexian

Is there a number bigger than a googol?

googolplex googol = 1100 googolplex = 1googol

What number is bigger than a vigintillion?


Is googolplex higher than infinity?

Mathematically = No. Googolplex is a number, and you can do all the mathematical operations with it. For example: (2 googolplex) plus (2 googolplex) = 4 googolplex. Infinity is more than any number you can write, and you can't do any mathematical operations with it. Example: (Infinity) divided by (3,000) = still infinity. Another example (I can't resist this): (Infinity) divided by (googolplex) = still infinity. But in our physical universe, nothing is infinite! Here's an example. If you were to fill the universe (its entire volume) with particles and with no empty spaces, it would take about 10^80 particles. Therefore you wouldn't even have enough space in the universe to write the number googolplex!

Which number is larger than googolplex?

There is only one place above it, that is Googolplexplex or googolduplex. It contains a googolplex of zero's. Greater than googolplexplex is only infinity.

Is there a number bigger than infinity?

No, there isn't a number bigger than infinity. Infinity is well, infinite, so it never finishes.

What are bigger numbers than a triaconttillion?

triacontillion and one, Googol, Googolplex

How is googolplex the biggest number if the are infinity?

Great question. You're right. "Googolplex" is not the biggest number.-- "Googol" = 10100-- "Googolplex" = 10googol-- "Googolplexian" = 10googolplex-- "Googolnormous" = 10googolplexian (not really; I made that one up just now)-- "Graham numbers" . . . We don't know anything about them, but they're bigger.-- "Infinity" . . . technically, not a number; defined as "more than the largest number".But . . . the catch is: There is no such thing as "largest number". Whatever numberyou want to describe, no matter how big it is, all I have to do is add ' 1 ' to yours,and I have a number that's bigger than your number.

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