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no a gram is much smaller then a dime.=)

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Q: Is a gram equal to a dime?
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Is a dime equal to a gram in weight?

No, a dime does not weigh a gram. It weighs about 2.268 grams.

Does 1 gram of weed equal a dime bag of weed?


Would a dime weigh a gram or a kilogram?

The better estimate for the weight of a dime is a gram.

Dime of weed?

a dime of weed is usually one gram

What object could weigh one gram?


How much gram equal to one gram?

One gram is equal to one gram.

How much is in a dime of weed?

normally about a gram...a dime is normally half an eighth

A dime is equal to how many cents?

dime is equal to 10 cents

Would a dime weigh about a gram or a kilogram?

one gram roughly

A dime of marijuana is how much?

price=$10 amount=.5 gram - 1 gram

Would a dime way about a gram or kilogram?

A dime only weighs on gram roughly. A nickel weighs 4.5 grams. 1 kilogram (1kg) is 1000 g (grams). A paper clip weighs one gram also.

How many grams are a dime?

.5 grams in a dime = $10 1 gram in a dub = $20

How a gram of gold and a gram of feather are equal in weight?

A gram is equal to another gram no matter what it is that weighs a gram.

What is equal to a gram?

a paper clip is equal to a gram

What is the Cost of the element chromium?

About a dime per gram.

What is the volume of 1 dime?

1 gram of marijuana

How much does a dime of weed wight?

1 Gram

What does the coin dime mean?

A dime is equal to 10 cents.

A gram is equal to 1000 what?

No. A gram is equal to 1,000 milligrams.

How mus money a dime equal?

A dime is equal to 10 cents. It is one tenth of a dollar. It is also equal to 2 nickels.

What object does a gram compare to?

One dime, or one paperclip.

How much dose a dime of weed weigh?

1 gram

What is 3 gram equal to?

One gram is equal to .035 ounces.

How many dime bags are in 1 ounce of weed?

"there are 16 dime bags in one ounce of weed. there are 4 dimes per quarter and there are four quarters to an ounce. i hope this helped." That seem about right but your really cutting people a deal because 1 dime bag is suppose to equal 1 gram but you should put in a little extra to keep people happy. In a quarter there are about 7-8 grams meaning 7 dime bags but if your really nice i would say 4-5 bags, in a Oz i would definitely say about 20 bags 'cause for every gram you give away half a gram. so in a Ounce you get about 30grams so it should equal 20 dime bags at the end.

What is the answer to 1 dime equal nickels?

1 dime = 2 nickels