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yes it will have a greater area

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Q: Is a greater perimeter going to have a greater area can you show a picture?
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Can a rectangle have a greater perimeter and also have a greater area?

Of course, a rectangle can have a greater perimeter and a greater area. Simply double all the sides: the perimeter is doubled and the area is quadrupled - both bigger than they were.

Is perimeter always greater than the area?

No the area is almost always greater.

Can a rectangle have a greater perimeter than another one but have a greater area too?

yes it can; a rectangle 5 by 2 has perimeter 14 and area 10 for example; a rectangle 10 by 2 has perimeter 24 and area 20, both greater.

Is The area of a rectangle always greater than the perimeter?

No,for example, a 1x2 rectangle has an area of 2 but a perimeter of 6

Does a polygon with a greater area always have a greater perimeter?

No it depends on the size of the polygon

Can the perimeter of a rectangle be greater than it's area?

No, because the perimeter is the outside edge and the area is the amount of space in the shape

What would be a greater perimeter but a smaller area to a question of 24 and a area of 27?

Perimeter = 24 and area = 27 . . . . . rectangle, 3 by 9 Perimeter = 32 and area = 15 . . . . . rectangle, 1 by 15

What is the area of greater than 16 with a perimeter of 16?

A circle with a circumference (perimeter) of 16 units has an area of approx 20.4 units.

Which has greater area circle or square?

For a given perimeter, the circle has the largest area possible.

Is the perimeter of a rectangle always greater than its area?

To answer this simply try a few out for yourself. In a 2x1 cm rectangle, the area is 2 cm squared and the perimeter is 6 cm In a 12x10 rectangle, the area is 120 cm squared and the perimeter is 44 cm. In some cases, the perimeter is larger and in others it is smaller. To answer your question, no, the perimeter of a rectangle is NOT always greater than its area.

Erica painted a picture. picture has an area of 3600cm2 and is square. she placed the picture in a frame that is 5cm wide what is the perimeter of the picture frame?


Same perimeter different area?

Circle, square, triangle and rectangle of same perimeter. Which will have more area?? The circle will have the greatest area. For regular polygons, the greater the number of vertices, the greater the area. (And so, in the limit, the circle, with an infinite number of vetices, has the greatest area.)

Need a rectangle with a area greater than 30 and a perimeter of 22?


What values of x is the area of the rectangle greater than the perimeter?

5x> 4

Can a rectangle have a smaller perimeter and also a greater area?

Yes. For instance, the rectangle measuring 1 by 10 has a perimeter of 22 and an area of 10, whereas the rectangle measuring 4 by 4 has a perimeter of 16 and an area of 16.

If the area is 350square feet what is the perimeter?

There is insufficient information to answer the question. For a given area, the perimeter depends upon the shape. For a given area, the circle will have the smallest perimeter. For polygons, regular polygons will have a smaller perimeter than an irregular one of the same area. Also, for regular polygons, the greater the number of sides, the smaller the perimeter.

What is the area of a closed figure with a perimeter of 15 square units?

The perimeter is not going to have sq units. If the perimeter of a square is 15 units then the area would be 14.0625units squared.

If A picture frame measures 20 inches by 30 inches find the perimeter and area of the frame?

Perimeter = 100 inches Area = 600 square inches

What is the perimeter of a square whose area is 81cm?

if you have a picture you could count around the square

How big is London in perimeter?

The total area of Greater London is 5200 square kilometres.

Is it sometimes always or never true that the perimeter of a rectangle is greater than the area?

It depends on the length and width... The smaller of the length and the width, the perimeter is greater than the area... But.. The bigger of the length and width, the area is greater than the perimeter. example : length = 5 , width = 2 AREA = 5 x 2 = 10 Perimeter = 2 x ( 5 + 2 ) = 14 example : length = 9 , width = 6 AREA = 9 x 6 = 54 Perimeter = 2 x (9 + 6) = 30 you can see the different.....

If one rectangles perimeter is greater than another will its area also be greater?

i don't really know but i think the answer is yes

What is greater area or perimeter?

The units used are completely different and so incompatible. That said the numerical value for each of a plane figure, the area is usually greater.

What is the perimeter of a 40 acre rectangle of land?

Any length greater than 1 mile. The area of a rectangle is not sufficient to determine its perimeter.

If the area of triangle B is 64 times greater than the area of triangle A how much greater is the perimeter of triangle B?

IF triangles 'A' and 'B' are similar (they both have the same angles),then the perimeter of 'B' is 8 times the perimeter of 'A'.If they're not similar, then the ratio of areas doesn't tell you the ratioof perimeters.