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Q: Is a line segment longer than a ray?
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Which is longest A line segment a line or a ray?

A line is longer.!?!

Does a line segment have one more point than a ray?

A line segment has one more point than a ray

Is a ray line segment or line longer?

Let's think of a line segment as a finite set of points. Along those lines, (pun intended) think of a ray and a line as infinite sets of points. Then we think of longer in terms of the size of the set. So for example, a 2 inch line segment would be longer than a 1 inch line segment because we can have more points in the set which is made of the two inch segment. The ray and the line are the same size since they both can be viewed as sets containing an infinite number of points. The line segment being a finite set is smaller than the other two.

What is the difference between a line segment and a ray?

a ray continues on and on but a line segment stops

Which is longest a ray line or line segment?

A ray line is longer, since it has an end point and then extends forever in the other direction its length is infinite, whereas a segment has a definite length defined by two endpoints.

Can a line segment be part of a ray?

yes it can because a Ray is a line segment with an arrow at the end.

Is an imaginary line from the earth to the moon a line a ray or a segment Why?

It is a segment in case you do not know what a segment is it is a line with two end points

Can a ray be a line segment?

No. A ray is infinite on one side and ends at a point at the other. A line segment ends in two points. A ray can contain a line segment, as the distance between any two given points on the ray is a line segment.

How is a line segment and ray the same?

They are not. A line segment is of finite length whereas a ray is infinitely long.

How is a line a line segment and a ray are different?

A line segment has a finite length. A ray extends to infinity in one direction.

Does a line always contains a line segment and ray?

yes, because a line segment is part of a line and a ray goes on forever and it does always happen

How could you change a line segment into a ray?

by adding a segment

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