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a ray continues on and on but a line segment stops

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Q: What is the difference between a line segment and a ray?
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What is the difference between a line and a line segment and aray?

line: it goes on for infinity. <---------> line segment: has 2 endpoints, does not continue. -------- ray: starts at one point, then goes on for infinity. --------->

Can a ray be a line segment?

No. A ray is infinite on one side and ends at a point at the other. A line segment ends in two points. A ray can contain a line segment, as the distance between any two given points on the ray is a line segment.

What is the difference between a ray line and a line segment and a line?

A ray has a single start point, and goes on infinitely in one direction. A line segment has two end points and is finite. A line has no end points and goes on infinitely in two directions.

What is the difference of a segment and a ray?

A segment has 2 endpoints. A ray has only 1 endpoint, where the other end is an infinite line.

What is the difference between a line and line segment?

A line is basically a combination of two joined rays pointing in opposite directions. A line has no endpoints and a line segment has two. <--------------> line ---------------> or <------------ ray .________. line segment (It's supposed to be a line with dots at the end to signify endpoint)

What is the difference between normal ray and the normal?

i think that normal is a line segment and normal ray is a line with an arrow head like vector to point in a certain direction....

If a ray has endpoints of HI with no points between what if HI?

a line segment

Is an imaginary line from the earth to the moon a line a ray or a segment Why?

It is a segment in case you do not know what a segment is it is a line with two end points

Can a line segment be part of a ray?

yes it can because a Ray is a line segment with an arrow at the end.

What is the difference in line line segments and rays?

A line segment has a end point. A ray goes on forever until it hits something, like another ray.

How is a line segment and ray the same?

They are not. A line segment is of finite length whereas a ray is infinitely long.

How is a line a line segment and a ray are different?

A line segment has a finite length. A ray extends to infinity in one direction.

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