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An equation.

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Q: Is a mathematical sentence that contains an equals symbol?
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What is a mathematical sentence contains an equals symbol?


Is A equals B a metaphor or a mathematical symbol?

It's a mathematical metaphor.

What is A mathematical sentence which contains an inequality symbol and one variable raised to the first power is called a?

It is a linear inequality.

How do you translate mathematical sentence into a symbol?

Example: Two plus three equals five. 2 + 3 = 5.

Which symbol in Excel tells it that you are about to enter a mathematical formula?

If the first character of a cell is an equals sign (=), then the cell contains a formula.

What is an open sentence that contains the symbol equals?

greater than! try alone next time!

Who first introduce a mathematical symbol such as the equals sign?

robert record

Is this mathematical symbol a equals b a metaphor or a simile?

it is a metaphor like 1=2 or

An open sentence that contains the symbol greater than?

An open sentence that contains the symbol greater than? Ans: y2 + 5y > 12 ( y is real) is one such open sentence.

What is the symbol which means results in?

The symbol that means 'results in' is the equals sign. It is one of the most common and recognizable mathematical symbols.

What mathematical symbol represents addition?

+ 2 + 2 = 4 2 plus 2 equals 4

What is an equal sign with a line through it slanted?

This is a mathematical symbol meaning "does not equal", as opposed to the usual "equals" sign.

What is an open sentence that contains the symbol?

You mean something like this: So your name is?

What is the mathematical symbol for foot?

I think its this symbol

Who invented the mathematical symbol?

What mathematical symbol? Different symbols were invented in different times and places.

In Excel which symbol is the mathematical operator for multiplication?

The symbol is *

Which mathmaticians first used the symbol why?

"why" is not a mathematical symbol.

What is the mathematical symbol to represent a subring?

There is no standard symbol for subring

What is the mathematical symbol of an integer?


What is the mathematical symbol for surface area?


Mathematical symbol for density?


The mathematical symbol for period is?


What is the mathematical symbol for maximum?


What is meaning of the -- symbol used in sentences?

What is the meaning of a SYMBOL SENTENCE? -Symbol Sentence is a symbol that you can see in the sentence

What is the math sign for undefined?

The mathematical symbol for "undefined" is the infinity symbol.