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We could undoubtedly answer this question if we knew what a 'stike' is.

It may help a little to consider that a 'mm' is one-tenth the size of a 'cm'.

And then again, it may not help at all.

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Q: Is a mm stike bigger then a cm stike?
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Whats is bigger a mm or a cm?

A cm is bigger.

Is cm bigger bigger than mm?

Yes, cm is bigger tha mm (10mm = 1cm)

Which is bigger 2 cm or 21 mm?

21mm is bigger. There are 10 mm in 1 cm, so 2 cm would be 20 mm. 21 mm is bigger than 20 mm.

What is biger cm or mm?

cm is bigger (1 cm = 10 mm)

Which is bigger 45 mm or 4 cm?

45 mm is bigger.

Is cm bigger or smaller then mm?


Is bigger 12 cm or 98 mm?

12 cm is bigger than 98 mm which equals 9.8 cm

What is bigger 38.5 mm or 10 cm?

10 cm = 100 mm which is bigger than 38.5 mm

What is bigger 8 mm or 1 cm?

1 cm = 10 mm 1 mm = 0.1 cm

Which unit is bigger in measurements the cm or mm?


Which is bigger 5.1 cm or 50 mm?

5.1 cm would be bigger because 5.1 cm -> mm = 51 mm, which is greater than 50 mm.

Which one is the largest cm or mm?

1 cm = 10 mm, so the cm is bigger.

What is bigger 63 mm or 6cm?

6 cm = 60 mm; hence 63 mm is bigger than 60mm or 6 cm.

How much bigger is 12 mm than 1 cm?

That is two millimeters.Ten mm equals to 1 cm

What is bigger 4.4 cm or 0.5 mm?

4.4 cm There are 10 mm to each cm. So 4.4 cm is 44 mm.

What is bigger 64 cm or 630 mm?

64 cn is bigger than 630 mm which equals 63 cm

What is bigger 34 cm or 30 mm?

34 cm as it equals 340 mm

Which is bigger 90 cm or 845 mm?

90 cm, which equals 900 mm

Is 120 cm or 1200 mm bigger?

1 cm = 10 mm 120 cm = 1200 mm so 120 cm and 1200 mm is equal

Which is bigger 3200mm or 300cm?

3200 mm is bigger.

Which is bigger 3.4 cm or 30 mm?

3.4 cm

Which is bigger 254 cm or 25.4 mm?

254 cm

Which is bigger 12 mm or 1 cm?

12 mm. 12 mm.

Which is bigger 420 mm or 4.2 cm?

420mm is bigger.

Is mm bigger are less than cm?

Yes it is bigger