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A negative number can refer to any number with a - symbol before it, for example, -3, or -7.5, or -9.9993. A negative integer can only refer to a whole number, such as -3, or -8, or -12.

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Q: Is a negative integer the same as a negative number?
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Is a rational number the same as an integer?

no. an integer is a whole, positive number, a rational number can be positive, negative, or a fraction

Is negative 21 a whole or natural?

It is a negative whole number which is the same as an integer

What is the additive inverse of a negative integer is a?

The corresponding positive number - basically the same number, but without the minus sign.

Can an integer be a negative number?

A negative number can be an integer. An integer is any positive or negative whole number including zero.

Is it true that the sum of a negative integer and a positive integer is always positive?

It depends, if a number with positive integers is greater than the number with the negative integer therefore the sum will be in positive integer. And if the number with positive integer is less than the number with the number with negative integer then the sum will be in negative integer.

What kind of number is -0625?

It is a negative integer, a negative rational integer, a negative real number.

When you subtract a negative integer from a positive integer the result is always positive?

Yes, because subtrating a negative number is the same thing as adding a positive number.

Every negative number is an integer?

No, not every negative number is an integer. For example, -11/2 is not an integer. However, -1, -2, -3, and so on, are negative integers. Perhaps that is what you meant to ask. The negative of every positive integer is a negative integer.

Is a negative number is an integer?

Unless the integer is fractional it is not an irrational number.

Is a negative integer times a negative integer equal to a positive integer?

Yes, and also a negative integer divided by a negative integer is equal to a positive number (but not necessarily an integer).

Is the sum of a positive and negative integer always negative?

No. The sum of a positive integer and a negative integer has the same sign as the larger integer.

What number is negative but not an integer?

-1.5 would be a negative non-integer.

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