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No, a parallelogram is not another kind of quadrilateral.

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Q: Is a parallelogram any other kind of quadrilateral?
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Related questions

Is a parallelogram always a quadrilateral?

Yes. A quadrilateral is any plane figure bounded by four straight lines. A parallelogram has both pairs of opposite sides parallel and is therefore a special kind of quadrilateral.

What quadrilateral has only one diagonal that is bisected?

Any quadrilateral that is not a parallelogram can have only one diagonal that is bisected by the other.

What is the similarities between a quadrilateral and parallelogram?

Each has four sides. A quadrilateral is any four-sided shape; a parallelogram has four sides, two of which are parallel to each other.

What type of quadrilateral is a parallelogram?

Any four sided object which has all four sides parallel of each other. Any quadrilateral that is not a trapezoid.

Can a parallelogram be any type of shape?

No, because a parallelogram is always a 4 sided quadrilateral.

What is the differences of a parallelogram and a quadrilateral?

All parallelograms are quadrilaterals. Not all quadrilaterals are parallelograms. A quadrilateral refers to any polygon with four sides. A parallelogram refers to any quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides.

What is a list of quadrilateral that have right angled vertices except square and rectangle?

You can have a trapezium, a kite or an arrowhead with right angled vertices, as well as a completely irregular quadrilateral. In fact, any kind of quadrilateral other than a parallelogram (or rhombus) can have a right angled vertex.

A is any quadrilateral that has two pairs of parallel sides?


Is every quadrilateral is a parreleogram?

No because any 4 sided shape is a quadrilateral which includes a parallelogram.

Will any quadrilateral tesselate?

A square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezium, kite and arrowhead will tessellate. Other quadrilaterals will not.

Why is the trapezoid inside the quadrilateral but outside the parallelogram?

No reason at all. They could just as easily be in any other configuration.

What do you call an irregular 4 sided shape?

Any 4 sided polygon is a quadrilateral. The square, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid and parallelogram are special cases of the quadrilateral. Any other 4 sided polygon is an irregular quadrilateral.

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