Is a parellelogram a polygon

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any 2 dimensional shape except a circle qualifies as a polygon

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Q: Is a parellelogram a polygon
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Is a parellelogram a regular polygon?

No, If all angles are equal and all sides are equal, then it is a regular polygon (otherwise it is 'irregular'). In this case, parallelogram is irregular.

Is a rectangle and a parellelogram polygons?

as far as I know a polygon is anything with more than 3 sides. So technically yes.

Is a square a parellelogram?

A square is always a parellelogram since it has equal sides.

Is a quadrilateral parellelogram?

Not usually,

Is a trapezoid a parellelogram?


Is a parellelogram a square?

not always

Is a trapezoid always a parellelogram?


Is a parellelogram an isosceles triangle?


What figure is 2 dimensional with two pairs of parallel sides has no right angles and all sides are the same length?

A rhombus. More information... The no right angles is throwing me, but I will add this comment: A square A four-sided polygon having equal-length sides meeting at right angles. The sum of the angles of a square is 360 degrees. A Parellelogram is a four-sided polygon with two pairs of parallel sides. The sum of the angles of a parallelogram is 360 degrees. A Rhombus is a four-sided polygon having all four sides of equal length. The sum of the angles of a rhombus is 360 degrees. So, a Square is actually a Parellelogram and Rhombus as well; and it has 4 right angles. So... I am not sure that Parellelogram and Rhombus are what you were looking for,

Is a square always a parellelogram?


How can you make a parellelogram into a rectangle?

Squish it!

Rhombus is a parellelogram yes or no why or why not?


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