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A perpendicular bisector is a line that cuts through another line at 90 degrees

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Q: Is a perpendicular bisector a type of concurrent line?
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What is a line that divides an angle of a triangle into two equal triangles?

A perpendicular bisector line depending on what type of triangle it is.

When constructing the circumcenter and circumscribed circle of a triangle you need to find the intersection of all three of which type of line?

the perpendicular bisector

What type of line is perpendicular to a vertical line What type of line is parallel to a vertical line?

all vertical lines are parallel to waht type of line?

What type of intersecting line has right angle?

Perpendicular lines.

How are perpendicular lines similar to intersecting line?

perpendicular lines are a special type of intersecting line that happen to intersect at 90 degree angles

What does a perpendicular bisector of a triangle split into two congruent parts?

That will depend on what type of triangle it is as for example if it is an isosceles triangle then it will form two congruent right angle triangles.

Define perpendicular lines and describe the type of angle formed by perpendicular lines or line segments?

The definition of perpendicular lines also defines the angles -- perpendicular lines are two lines (or line segments) that meet at a 90 degree angle.

How are perpindicular lines similar to intersecting lines?

A perpendicular line is a type of intersecting line that crosses the other line at a right angle.

What type of slope does perpendicular lines have?

Th opposite reciprocal. So if one line has a slope of 2 then the other line will have a slope of -1/2

What type of power is establishing courts?

Concurrent powers

What type of line is x plus 2y plus 6 and 4y equals 2x-12?

It is not one, but they are two perpendicular lines.

Can you show me perpendicular line segments?

no, not here you can only type on here but they're two lines that cross you can ask somebody around you

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