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Q: Is a pizza always cut into eight pieces?
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How many slices of pizza in a Large pizza from Pizza Hut?

dude, you still cut the pizza the same. its just bigger pieces. but still the same amount. its always 8 pieces.

How can you divide a pizza into eight equal pieces using three cuts without rearranging the pizza?

Cut the pizza in half along a diameter going from west to east. Then cut the two halves along a diameter going from north to south. Finally, cut the four quarters with a circular cut that is centered on the center of the pizza and having a radius of about 71% that of the pizza (the exact figure is the square root of one half). Give the pieces from inside the circle to your friends who don't like the crust.By the way, it isn't possible to do this so that all eight pieces include part of the crust; the circumference of the pizza would have to be cut eight times, but it can only be cut twice by each of the three cuts. STOP LYING

How many slices of pizza are in a small pizza from papa ginos?

From the Papa Ginos Website: large 14" -- cut in 8 pieces small 10" cut in 6 pieces rustic cut in 12 pieces

A pizza has been cut into 12 pieces has 3 pieces missing what percentage of pizza is left?


How can you cut a pizza into 11 pieces with 4 straight cuts?

A pizza can be cut into eleven pieces with 4 straight cuts if an X is cut, then the rest of the pizza is cut starting from the right and working to the left in four straight lines.

How do you cut a pizza?

There really isn't a true way to cut pizza but it is traditonally cut through the center to the other side into equal pieces.

The maximum number of pieces into which a pizza can be cut by making 6 cuts?

the answer is twelve pieces

How many slices was the world's largest pizza cut into in 1978?

it was cut into 28 pieces

Is one third bigger than one twelfth?

Yes. When you cut a pizza into 3 pieces, the pieces are bigger than they are when you cut it into 12 pieces.

How do you cut a round pizza into 11 pieces with exactly 4 straight cuts?

First you cut the pizza into 4 pieces using two cuts in the obvious way. then you stack all four pieces and cut the pile in half to give you 8 pieces in three cuts. Then you stack 3 of your pieces and cut them in half to finally give 11 pieces in 4 cuts.

How to cut a pizza into 22 pieces with 6 straight cuts?

A Knife

How many pieces was the worlds largest pizza cut up into?


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