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Q: Is a rectangle that is 18w by 36L the same as a rectangle that is 25w by 45L?
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How many tiles 36L X6W for a room 12 foot by 10 foot?

Depends on the units for "36L X6W". They could be inches, centimetres or something else.

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On an average 12L to 36L PA

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Crankcase: 8qts (7.6L) Hydraulic: 38qts (36L)

A Heavy L1011 has just taken off from runway 36L and another L1011 is holding in position on runway 18L about 1200 feet away?

Three minutes from the time the first aircraft takes off.

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Cities with these co ordinates 30 degrees north 31 degrees east?

A set of coordinates defines one single point on the Earth's surface. If that point is in a city, then no other city is at the same point. The point 30°N/31°E is not in a city. It's in far northeast Uganda, about 3.5 km southeast of the center of Uluko, and 10.74 km east-southeast of the south end of the main runway (36L) at the Arua airport.

What are the latitude and longitude of menphis Tennessee?

The south end of Runway-36L at Memphis International Airport is located at 35.0239° north latitude 89.9869° west longitude. The center of the underpass of N Watkins St under I-40 is located at 35.1918° north latitude 90.0080° west longitude. Other spots around town have somewhat different coordinates.

What do the numbers and letters mean for runways?

The LARGE numbers at the end of the runway is the Heading of the runway but divided by 10. So a Runway 36 means you would fly a heading of 360 degrees based on the compass directions. If you flew past the runway and turned around to land, the marking would read 18 for 180 degree heading. The opposite end is 180 degrees different. Letters- For large airports, they will have two parallel runways so they can land 2 aircraft at same time. One will be marke 36L and one 36R. If they have three runways, they can have a 36C or simply rotate it 10 degrees and call it 35.

What is the latitude and longitude of Lagos?

-- The south end of Runway-36L at Murtala Muhammed International Airport is located at 6.5526° north latitude 3.3134° east longitude. -- The center of the playing field of the National Stadium is located at 6.4971° north latitude 3.3649° east longitude. -- The office of Daar Communications, Chief Raymond Dokpesi's media headquarters near Alagbado, is located at 6.6630° north latitude 3.2525° east longitude. Other points of interest in the area have different coordinates.

Will the VIN on a vehicle tell its color?

No the vin does not have the color code. Depending on the model year and make trying looking at the vin sticker inside the drivers door jam to find the color code.That answer is incorrect, the VIN does tell the color, it tells everything.GM codes can be confusing! BC CC before the color code. This stands for Basecoat/Clearcoat. The U in the paint code means the Upper Color and the L means the Lower Color. Two tone vehicles will have each color coded, i.e. 96U and say 36L. Also, it could be 8867L or 8867U. You will need to find out from your vendor which digits depict the color.

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