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A right angle is considered neither an acute nor an obtuse angle. It's just a right angle.

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Q: Is a right angle cosidered obtuse or acute?
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Related questions

Does a triangle have a right acute and obtuse angle?

Yes . Triangle have right acute and obtuse angle except compelete angle.

What type of angle is a 165 angle?

As the angle is between 90 degrees and 180 degrees it is an obtuse angle.

Is 120 degrees an acute or right or obtuse angle?

Obtuse. An acute angle is less than 90 degrees, a right angle is 90 degrees, and an obtuse angle is more than 90 degrees.

Is it true that every angle of an acute angle is acute?

yes. to be and acute angle, all angles must be acute. Obtuse angles only one angle has to be obtuse. Right angles only need one too. Acute has to have every angle to be acute, if one angle is obtuse or right, it's automatically no an acute Angle anymore.

If two of a triangle angles measure 42 degrees 48 degrees how would you classify that triangle?

acute , obtuse obtuse or right angle

Is the angles on a hexagon acute right angle or obtuse?

An angle in a hexagon can have any value at all. It can be acute, a right angle, an obtuse angle or even a reflex angle.

Is a 165 degree angle an acute an obtuse or a right angle?


What is a rectangle is it a right angle acute or obtuse?

its a right angle

What kind of angle is 85 degrees?

An angle that is 85 degrees is an acute

What type of angle measures 89 degrees?

an angle measuring from 0 - 89.999 degrees is an acute angle. an angle at exactly 90 degrees is a right angle. an angle from 90.001 degrees to 180 degrees is an obtuse angle.

Which describes an angle of 97 acute or right angle or obtuse or reflex?


Are Isosceles triangles right obtuse and acute?

yes a isosceles triangle has a right,obtuse and acute angle.

What angle is 76 degrees acute, obtuse or right?


What is the sum of an acute angle and a right angle?

An obtuse angle.

What is an antonym for a right angle?

An obtuse angle or an acute angle.

What are obtuse acute and right angles?

An obtuse angle is an angle more than 90 degrees. An acute angle is an angle less than 90 degrees, and a right angle is a 90 degree angle.

Is 80 degrees an acute or obtuse or right angle?


What is an obtuse angle bigger then?

an acute and right angle

Does Every right triangle has one right angle one acute angle and one obtuse angle?

No it is impossible for a right triangle to have an obtuse angle therefore it will have one right angle and two acute angles.

Is an angle that measures 99ยบ acute right or obtuse?


Is a 174 degree angle a acute right obtuse reflex or straight?

It is an obtuse angle

Does 90 degrees count as an obtuse angle?

No it is not an Acute or Obtuse it is counted as a Right Angle.

Is 6910 an acute obtuse or a right triangle?

It is an acute angle.

How many obtuse angle and right angle does a kite have?

It ha one right angle, two obtuse angles and one acute angle

What angle is 130 degrees?

An obtuse angle is 130 degrees. Any angle more than 90 degrees is obtuse, any angle under 90 degrees is acute, and 90 degrees is a right angle.