Is a square an 3d shape?

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is a square a 3d shape

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Q: Is a square an 3d shape?
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Related questions

What 3D shape has a square and 3 triangles?

There can be no closed 3D shape with only one square and 3 triangles.

What shape has four sides and is a 3d shape?


Is square a 2D shape or a 3D shape?

It's a 2D shape.

What 3d shape has square faces?

A cube

What is a 3d shape with 5 faces?

A 3d shape with 5 faces can be a square pyramid

What 3d shape has 8 edges?

A square pyramidthe answer is a square pyramid

Is a square 3d shape?

No, a square is a 2d shape, although a 3d shape can be made using multiple squares at different angles than 180 or 0 to each other.

What 3D shape has a one square base?

a cube

What is the difference between a 1D shape 2D shape and a 3D shape?

take, for an example, a duck. This is a 3d shape because it has three dimensions. Compare this to a square, which is 2d. the difference is that the duck has a beak, and the square does not.

Im thinking of a 3d shape it has a square base it has 4 other faces which are triangles what is the name of the 3d shape?

The simplest such shape is PYRAMID.

Which shape does not belong circle triangle square and cylinder?

It is the 3D shape cylinder

Is a square based pyramid a 3d or 2d shape?

It is a 3 dimensional shape

What 3d shape has 10 vertices?

square because i know loolz

How are a cube and square different?

A cube is a 3D figure. A square is a 2D shape.

What 3d shape has 1 square base?

A pyramid has 1 square base.

What 3d shape has one square?

A square based pyramid is one possibility.

What is the shape called when there is a square for it base?

A 3D shape could be:a square pyramida cubea rectangular block

What 3d shape has 5 sides?

A square-based pyramid.

What 3D shape can you make with 4 triangles?

Square pyramid

What 3d shape has 6 vertices but is not a prism or pyramind?


What is the special feature of a 3d shape square based pyramid?

If the base of the pyramid is square, it must have four triangular vertical faces in order to meet at the apex (top). Such a 3D shape is a "square pyramid".

What is the difference between a cube and cylinder?

a cube is a 3d square and a cylinder is 3d circle + rectangle shape.

What are some facts about cuboids?

a cuboid is a shape of a square but it's 3d

Which 3D shape has 8 straight sides?

square based pyramid

What shape has 4 triangles and 1 square face?

This 3D shape could be a square based pyramid.