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No because a rectangle is parallel lines and a square is four right angles.

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Q: Is a squares a rectangle and why?
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Related questions

How many squares in a rectangle?

An infinite number of squares can be placed within a rectangle.

Is a retangle a square or is a square a rectangle?

A square is a rectangle, rectangles don't have to be squares but squares have to be rectangles.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle with two 5cm squares?

the perimeter of a rectangle with two 5cm squares will be 30cm

Are some squares not rectangles?

squares are a type of rectangle

Are all rectangle squares?

no, but all squares are rectangles

What shape can you create when you join two squares?


Can a squares be a rectangle?

No, but put 2 squares beside each other and get a rectangle! No, that's why they have different names.

Rectangles and squares?

A square is a rectangle and a rectangle is a parallelogram and a parrallelogram.

How can you make a rectangle?

You can make a rectangle by using two squares

What shape can you create when you join two squares and a rectangle?

a rectangle

What has four right angles?

A rectangle. A square is a form of rectangle. (All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.) ___________ |__________|

What is the perimater of a rectangle?

it is the amount of squares.

How to you describe squares?

A specified Rectangle

What do 2 squares make?

A rectangle.

What can two squares make?

A rectangle

Name 4 rectangles that are not squares?

A 3x4 rectangle, a 5x6 rectangle a 78x2.3 rectangle and a 19x18.99 rectangle.

How many squares are in a rectangle with eight squares?

There are 9 squares I can see 12 squares in an array of 2 * 4 squares

Is a rectangle can be a square?

A square is a specialized type of a rectangle. All squares are also rectangles, but only some rectangles are squares.

Is every rectangle also a square?

No, only some rectangles are squares. For a rectangle to be a square, all sides must be equal (the rectangle must be equilateral). Only the equilateral rectangles are squares, but every square is a rectangle. In short, the squares are a subset of rectangles in which all four sides are equal in length. Some rectangles are squares, and all squares are rectangles.

How can a square be a rectangle?

All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. The definition of a rectangle is a 4 sided figure with 4 right angles. So all squares are rectangles.

What are 2 squares joined by rectangles?

a rectangle

Are all squares rectangle?


Are squares and rhombuses a special kind of rectangle?


What shapes can be considered a rectangle?

Squares are rectangles.

What is the area of this rectangle with 6 squares in?