Is a star regular

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: Is a star regular
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Is a star a regular polygon?

Yes. A star is a regular polygon.

Can a star be regular?


Why is the sun an unusual star?

To the best of my knowledge, it isn't. It is a regular star in a regular galaxy which will regalarly collide with Andromeda in a billion years.

If a regular pentagon of side 10cm with a star inside what is the area of the star?


What movie and television projects has Fatso Marco been in?

Fatso Marco has: Played Regular (1948-52) in "Texaco Star Theater" in 1948. Played Himself - Regular in "Texaco Star Theater" in 1948. Played himself in "Texaco Star Theater" in 1948. Played Walter Pigeon in "Texaco Star Theater" in 1948. Played Himself - Series Regular in "Texaco Star Theater" in 1948. Played Regular in "Texaco Star Theater" in 1948.

What is a star that becomes dimmer at regular intervals?

I think the term you're looking for is "regular variable."

Star system with no regular shape?

Irregular galaxy

Does a five point star have regular symmetry?

It can but it need not.

What is the difference between a regular star and a shooting star?

A regular star is like the sun, only very far away.A shooting star is not a star. It is a meteor entering the earth's atmosphere and burning up. This is the long light streak you may see briefly in the night sky.

Did Heli Simpson star in Neighbours?

Heli Simpson had a guest role on Neighbours but was not a regular star.

Where do you get the star herbs on Panfu?

the star herbs are at the beach, not the carribean, just the regular beach with the hospital.

What polygon is a regular star?

A 'concave decagon' is a ten-sided shape with every other corner pushed in towards the centre. It forms a regular five-pointed star.