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No. A negative integer raised to the third power will yield a negative number that is less than the integer. Only whole numbers (positive integers greater than or equal to 1) have the property where that integer raised to the third power is greater than or equal to the integer.

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Q: Is a to the 3rd power greater than or equal to a for all integer values of A and why?
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What is 11000 to the power 0?

Any positive non-zero integer to the power zero is equal to 1.

Is reactive power greater than true power?

Reactive power can be less than, equal to, or greater than true power.

Which is greater 2 to the 4th power or 4 to the 2nd power?

They are equal 2^4 and 4^2 both equal 16.

Which whole number values of x greater than 0 is the value x to the second power is greater then the value of 2 to the power of x?

' x ' = any whole number greater than ' 2 '.

Does 0.5 to the power of negative to equal 0.25?

No. 0.5 to any negative power would be greater than 1. 0.52 is equal to 0.25

Is 1 greater than less than or equal to 10 to the zero power?

Any number to the power zero is equal to 1. However, 00 is not defined.

The only integer n for which n equals x to the y power equals y to the x power for x is not equal to y?

This is definitely false; if x=2 and y=3, x to the y power is 8, but y to the x power is 9, which are not equal.

Lesser or greater 6to the 4 power or 36 to the 2 power?

Neither is lesser or greater than the other.They are equal.Both are [ 1,296 ].

What is the largest integer that is not a sum of distinct power?

the largest integer of distinct power is 28

How much is any integer raised to the zero power?

Any integer raised to the power of zero is 1.

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When two ac power supplies are to be connected to a common (bus bar) distribution, voltages, frequencies and phase angles of both power plants should be adjusted to equal values (or grid values) and connect.

Is apparent power greater than true power?

Apparent power is measured in volt amperes, true power is measured in watts. Apparent power includes both real (or true power) and reactive power. So yes, if you are looking at both the apparent power and true power for a specific load, the apparent power will be greater than or (if the load is purely resistive) equal to the true power.AnswerApparent power will always be greater than true power except at unity power factor, when the two are equal.

Is there anything greater than love?

Greed has shown to equal or pass love in strengh and power.

Will 9v 300mA power adapter work with a 9v 700mA device?

No, the adapter's power output has to be equal to or greater that the current draw of the device.

Do a negative integer raised to an even power always results in a positive integer?


What is -1 to the tenth power?

-110 = +1 -1 to any even integer power is +1 and to any odd integer power is -1

Is it possible for a finite set to have the same cardinality as its power set?

No. If the cardinality of a finite set is N, then that of its power set is 2N. These cannot be equal for any non-negative integer N.

Is the number 30 a power of 10 explain?

The answer depends on the level of mathematics you are at.If you define x = log(30) to the base 10 = approx 1.4771, then 10^x = 30 and so 30 IS a power of 10.If you are concerned only with integer powers, then the answer is NO, 10^1 = 10 and 10^2 = 100 and the power function is monotonic continuous. There is no integer between 1 and 2 and therefore there cannot be an integer power of 10 which is equal to 30.

What is the forth powerof a positive integer?

let x be any positive integer then x4 is the 4th power of that positive integer

What were the values shown during the people power?

What were the values shown during the people power?"

What is 1 to the power of 10?

1 to any integer power is 1.

Is a ideal machine has an efficiency of less than one equal to one greater than one?

ideal machines have mechanical efficeincy equal to 1 (100% efficient) since efficiency is the ratio of the power output to the power input

Which is greater 8 to the power of 0 or 7 to the power of 1?

71 is greater.

What are the two integers if the lesser of two consecutive odd integers is doubled the result is 7 more than the greater integer?

The integers are the sqare root of 121 and 81 to the 2/4 power.

What is -2 to the fifth power written as an integer?

It is -32