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Q: Is a way that you would employ arithmetic in a real world situation?
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Who qould employ a immigration lawyer?

i would employ a striper

Which situation would most likely employ linear regression techniques?

b. Calculating the mean cost of one individual unit in a production run of 10,000 units

Where can i get questions and answers to Devils Arithmetic?

I would suggest going to the “Literature” section of Answers, as “Devil’s Arithmetic” has nothing to do with basic arithmetic (I believe, for I have not read the book).

What is a good situation for employing a contain defense is when your opponent has the football?

A good situation to employ a contain defense would be when the defense is facing a team that has a mobile quarterback. The responsibility of the outside rushers is to prevent the QB from getting outside of them.

Is working memory important in arithmetic problem solving?

uh... yes without a working memory you would not know (remember) how to do arithmetic

What is other way to say or spell arithmetic?

Arithmetic is just basic math. So I suppose math would be the other way.

What would the 5th Arithmetic mean be equal to if 8 Arithmetic Means are placed between 2 and 17?

It is not possible to place 8 arithmetic means between two numbers since they can have only one arithmetic mean not eight! The one-and-only arithmetic mean of 2 and 17 is (2+17)/2 = 9.5

How do you do the math?

Generally you would start with number theory, then arithmetic.

What Companies would employ a Computer Programmer?

Burger king

What happen if arithmetic progressions does not exist?

If arithmetic progression did not exist you would not be able to count beyond 1, 2. Since 3 is the next number in the arithmetic progression. In effect there would be no arithmetic and no mathematics. And before you cheer at the thought of one less subject to study, there would be no technology. You would still be living in a cave and have to do everything for yourself - since any kind of trade requires valuing what you have to "sell" or "buy" and that requires some form of counting.

Who would employ fact checkers?

Fact checkers verify whether or not information is true or correct. Newspapers, reporters, or anyone requiring accurate research would employ a fact checker.

How would you define reality?

We define reality as the state of life as it actually exists. It is not the idea or notion of the life or world but what it literally is. The reality of a situation is the truth of the situation.