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No. A mixed number is a whole number and a fraction.

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Q: Is a whole number the same thing as a mixed number?
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Is a mixed number into a mixed fraction the same thing?

Mixed numbers and mixed fractions are the same thing.

How do you convert 250.025 to a mixed number?

Relax. You don't have to do anything. It's already a mixed number. -- The whole number part is 250 . -- The fraction part is 0.025 . (Same thing as 1/40 .)

Why is an integer have to be a whole number?

A whole number is the common name for an integer. They are the same thing.

What is the difference of a whole number and a nonzero whole number?

A whole number is any number that is not a fraction, decimal, or mixed number. A nonzero whole number is the same, except that it doesn't equal zero.

How do you convert a mixed number into a decimal?

Changing mixed fraction to decimal is the same as changing standard fractions. Ex. 1/2 so divid the numerator by the denominator which = 0.5. You would do the same thing with mixed fractions except you leave the whole number in the fraction as your whole number in the decimal. Ex 1 1/2 so 1 divided by 2 = 0.5 then put your whole number in. Therefore 1 1/2= 1.5

Can a number be an integer and a whole number?

Yes, a number can be both an integer and a whole number.

Is 5.4 a whole number or an integer?

A whole number is the same thing as an integer. 5.4 is a decimal number, so it is not a whole number or an integer.

How do you change a division answer to a mixed number?

You times the denominator to the whole number and then you add that to the numerator and the denominator stays the same.

How do you turn an improper fraction to a proper fraction?

Change it into a mixed number: by dividing the denominator by the numerator and the whole number is your whole in your mixed number, the remainder (if there is a remainder) is your numerator and your denominator is your original denominator Hint: Denominator ALWAYS stays the same!! Example: 10 ___ 8 Divide them _1 r 2_ 8 l 10 The whole number (1) is your whole number in your mixed number 1 _2__ 8 <--------Denominator ALWAYS stays the same!!

What is a like mixed number?

A mixed number is a whole number combined with a fraction like 3 7/9. (That was just a random example). A like number is a number that had the same denominator (the bottom or right number of the fraction) as the other fraction like 2/9 and 3/9. So like mixed number is a mixed number that has the same denominator as the other number.

When are whole numbers integers?

Always. "Whole number" and "integer" are two different names for the same thing.

How do you make 17 eighths into a whole or a mixed number?

17/8 is the same as 2 and 1/8

How do you find the product of a fraction with whole numbers?

Just multiply the numerator by the whole number, and keep the same denominator. After you do that, chances are that you'll have to simplify the fraction to a mixed number.

How do you write a mixed number as a improper fraction?

You take the whole number and multiply it by the denomonator and and your product to the numerator ,then you keep the same denomonator

How do you convert a whole number to a mixed number?

A whole number could be converted to a mixed number, but that might only be useful when subtracting a mixed number from a whole number. To change a whole number to a mixed number, simply take one away from the whole number and then change the 1 to a fraction that is equivalent to 1 (numerator and denominator are the same). For example 5 - 2 1/4. To subtract, you might want to change the 5 to 4 4/4. Then, you can subtract 1/4 from 4/4 to get 3/4 and 2 from 4 to get 2. The answer is 2 3/4.

Is a whole number always an integer?

Yes, whole numbers and integers are two names for the same thing.

How do you make a mixed number in to an improper fraction?

The mixed number consists of a whole number and a fraction. Multiply the denominator of the fraction portion by the whole number and to this product add the numerator of the fraction portion. This value is the numerator of the new improper fraction. The denominator of the new improper fraction is the same as the denominator of the original fraction portion of the mixed number.

How do you turn mixed numbers into improper fractions?

Mixed numbers contain a whole number with a fraction sitting next to it. To turn this number into an improper fraction, multiply the whole number by the denominator of the fraction and add it to the numerator.Example:6 7/8 is a mixed number.6*8 + 7 = 55.55/8 is the same number as an improper fraction.

How do you change a mixed number into an improper number?

You multiply the whole number with the denominator. Then you add that to the numerator. Then, that becomes the new numerator. The denominator stays the same.

WHAT mixed number is equivalent to 3.70?

The whole number part of a fraction and decimal are always the same, so the whole number part will be 3. The fractional part of this comes from the 0.7 that remains. 0.7 as a fraction is 7/10 so the mixed number is 3 and 7/10.

What does whole number rational number and integer mean?

Whole number means the same thing as integer and does not have a fraction or decimal part. Rational numbers can be expressed as a ratio of whole numbers.

How do you write mixed numbers into fractions?

You multiply the denominator by the whole number the add the numerator and you keep the denominator the same.

How do you write an improper into a mixed number?

you do how many times does the denominator goes into the numerator and that is your whole number then the rest is the numerator and keep the denominator the same

Are mixed number the same as improper fractions?

It's not the same because mixed number is a number that can't consisting of an integer !!

How do you times mixed fractions?

My strategy for multiplying mixed fractions: what you need to do is turn the mixed number into an improper fraction before you do any thing else. to do that you need to multiply the denominator with the whole number then add the numerator. now that number will be your numerator the denominator stays the same then you do the same to the other mixed fraction turn it into an improper fraction then once both are like that you multiply the numerators together to find the numerator then you multiply the denominators together to get the denominator then simplify your answer to get the right answer.