Is afraction an irrational number

Updated: 8/19/2019
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It can be but need not be.

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Q: Is afraction an irrational number
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What is 12.5 as afraction or mixed number?

12.5 as a mixed number is 121/2

What is it called when an amount given as a whole number and afraction?

A mixed number or mixed fraction.

What is 35 and divide24 as afraction?

35 and divide24 as afraction = 1.4583333333333333

What is the sum of an rational number and irrational number?

An irrational number.

Is an irrational number plus an irrational number rational?

No. The sum of an irrational number and any other [real] number is irrational.

The sum of a rational number and an irrational number is?

The sum of a rational and irrational number must be an irrational number.

Whether a rational number multiplied by an irrational number gives an irrational number?

rational * irrational = irrational.

Is 3.56 an irrational number?

No, 3.56 is not an irrational number. 3.56 is rational.

Is negative pi rational or irrational?

-Pi is irrational, because it does not terminate or repeat. Whenever you multiply an irrational number by a rational number (-1), the result is an irrational number.

What is a negative irrational number?

A negative irrational number can be thought of as an irrational number multiplied by -1, or an irrational number with a minus sign in front of it.

Which number produces an irrational number when multiplied by?

At least one of the factors has to be irrational.* An irrational number times ANY number (except zero) is irrational. * The product of two irrational numbers can be either rational or irrational.

Which of the number will produce an irrational number when multiplied by 0.5?

Any irrational number, when multiplied by 0.5 will give an irrational number.