Is algebra useful

Updated: 11/2/2022
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yes it is, actually! u can use algebra for a maths job, like finances. if u need to work out the amount of money a year, use algebra! and if u need to know, well, like something like'how much did they use compared to her?' or something like that. u can also use it in teaching. but even if u don't get a maths job, it can help u at shopping, and work out ur bills each year, and how many money u spent in 3 years or something. there u go! i hope this helps

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Q: Is algebra useful
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What is Algebra usefull in?

Algebra is useful in creating formulaes!

Is algebra actually useful?


Is pre algebra useful?

yes. to understand the higher maths you need pre algebra

What are things you can use algebra for?

Algebra can be used in many different ways like finding how much water is in a glass to where to plant a tree. Algebra is very useful

How algebra and trigonometry is useful in your everyday life?

They typically aren't useful in your everyday life unless your job requires them.

What are the areas of mathematics that make being able to determine the GCF and the LCM useful?

GCF and LCM will be most useful in algebra, but can be used in one fashion or another in all areas of mathematics.

Describe a situation where it is useful to know about factors and multiples?

When taking algebra tests.

Is computer programming useful in learning the distance formula in Algebra 1?

Computer programming is somewhat useful in learning the distance formula in Algebra 1. Learning the distance formula has more to do with your ability at mathmetics and you want to learn.

Why was algebra invented?

Algebra is a tremendously useful mathematical tool, without which modern science and technology would not have been possible. Algebra was invented as a tool for solving mathematical problems, and it has proved to be tremendously useful. Modern technology as we know it would have been impossible without the use of algebra. +++ More accurately, algebra is the set of symbols and rules used to construct mathematics. It is not a calculating tool to solve problems in its own right, but allows you to express the ways in which to solve those problems.

Why the discriminant of a quadratic is useful in algebra?

Because the square root of the discriminant is a component of the roots of the equation.

Why did algebra started?

Probably for the same reason that it is still used today - namely, that it was found to be very useful.

How useful whole numbers in real life?

Umm... first of all this question isn't grammatically correct, but I'll answer the question, "How useful are whole numbers in real life?". They are useful to know when you when you are taking an algebra class:)